The N=1 Experiment Blog

Nancy Gonzalez, CFLE

Hello! I'm NCFR's blogger, Nancy Gonzalez. I am the former director of public affairs for NCFR, and current editor of our member magazine, the NCFR Report. I have a Master's in Family Life Education from the University of Minnesota, and I'm a Certified Family Life Educator. I'm married to a great guy named George, a software engineer, and mother to our college age son, Eric. Our family also consists of a Border Collie named Beau and two calico kitties, Shelley and Shirley. I knew I wanted to study families at age 16. My blog is entitled "The N = 1 Experiment" to emphasize that my "findings" are anecdotal and therefore are my "1 person reflections." The topics I write about are based on the family studies field, my own family, current events, memoir and humor. Its contents are my opinion and my responsibility alone and not the official position of NCFR as an organization. I invite your comments!

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