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CFLE Network

CFLE Network, a quarterly newsletter published by the National Council on Family Relations for Certified Family Life Educators.

To request the submission guidelines, email editor Dawn Cassidy.

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Current issue: CFLE Network - Winter 2014

Find articles from the most current issue of CFLE Network posted individually, as well as the full issue in PDF download form. The winter 2014 issue topic is Sexuality Education.

Review a book for CFLE Network

If you are interested in reviewing a book for CFLE Network, please contact Dawn Cassidy at the NCFR office (763) 231-2882 or This opportunity is available only to CFLEs.

Have you written a new book that other CFLEs would be interested in reading? Send a copy of your book to the NCFR office. We'll post notice of it in the In the News column and list it as available for review!

CFLE Network past issues

Find past issues of CFLE Network newsletter.