Focus Groups

The focus groups of the National Council on Family Relations (NCFR) are an important component of the organization that foster common interests at the grassroots levels of the membership and contribute to coherence among members.

Adoption Focus Group

The focus group provides an opportunity for sharing information and resources among the relatively small group of NCFR members interested in adoption and adoptive families. Annual meetings assist in networking and sharing of ideas.

Asian American Families Focus Group

The Asian American Families Focus Group provides professional support and networking opportunities for new and current members of NCFR who are interested in Asian/Asian American family issues.

Co-Parenting/Divorce Education Focus Group

Many states, localities, and courts are requiring divorcing parents with minor children to complete an educational course about the impact of divorce on children and effective co-parenting. Additionally, never-married parents in co-parenting situations are often ordered to these classes as well. NCFR members have an interest in development and evaluation of these programs and in the research on which they are based.

Eastern European Families Focus Group

The Eastern European Families Focus Group provides a forum for scholars who study this family group to meet and share their research, teaching and outreach interests.

Families & Technology Focus Group

The explosion in use of information and communications technologies in the last decade includes families. Families use social media,mobile technologies, seek and share information with the Internet, use cell phones and other devices for communication.

Family Economics Focus Group

The Family Economics Focus Group strives to bring together scholars who examine how financial issues relate to family life. Financial issues are important, but understudied, in relation to families.

Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Straight Alliance Focus Group

The GLBTSA Focus Group serves to provide a networking opportunity for persons conducting LGBT focused research, or people who are LGBT or allies. Additionally, the focus group provides an opportunity for brainstorming and planning of future conference submissions that promote the inclusion of LGBT research and practice interest at NCFR.

Grief & Families Focus Group

The Grief and Families Focus Group allows a forum that nurtures educators, scholars, students, and therapists (particularly new ones) whose focus is grief or loss in the family context.

Issues in Aging Focus Group

As the population ages, and the baby boomers approach later life, the health and well-being needs of the aging population are increasingly relevant for families, the economy, the health care system, and training contexts - to name a few. The presence of an aging focus within NCFR meets a national and global need for research and practice.

Latino(a) Research Focus Group

In light of the dramatic increase of the Latino population in the United States in recent years and its implications for teaching and research in human development and family, the Latino(a) Research Focus Group was formed. Specifically, the purpose of the focus group is to provide an opportunity for NCFR members to network and share of academic resources, in their work of teaching and research of Latino families in the United States.

Men in Families Focus Group

The Men-In-Families Focus Group is a group of family scholars who share an interest in research and theory about men in families, including fathers, grandfathers, husbands, uncles, sons, brothers, and so forth.

Military Families and Children Focus Group

The Military Families and Children Focus Group will provide an opportunity for researchers, therapists, family life educators, and other service providers interested in issues related to military families to connect and collaborate with other researchers and practitioners interested in military service members, Veterans, and their families.

Parent Education Focus Group

The Parent Education Focus Group provides an opportunity for parent education professionals to network, share ideas, and collaborate on projects together.

Qualitative Family Research Network Focus Group (QFRN)

The Qualitative Family Research Network (QFRN) is a group of family scholars who use qualitative methods in their research, and who meet and otherwise communicate with each other with the following goals: a) to promote the use of qualitative research methods in family studies; b) to share ideas in teaching qualitative methods in family studies; c) to recognize high quality qualitative family research in family studies.

Sexuality Focus Group

The Sexuality Focus Group provides an important networking space for members who teach and research issues of sexuality. It is a place for curriculum-sharing and discussion about issues related to sexuality.

Work & Family Focus Group

The Work and Family Focus Group works to make better connections within the communities where work/family practitioners apply research and design practical applications for bettering the lives of individuals and families.

Focus Group Guidelines

The NCFR Focus Group Guidelines provide information about the role of focus groups; connection to NCFR’s sections; starting new focus groups and dissolving old ones; and combining focus groups.