Presentation Downloads

Download posters, PowerPoint slides, and handouts from the 2010 NCFR Annual Conference.

Multiple Family Group Intervention for Adolescents who Sexually Offend

by Margaret Keiley, Ashley Anders, Ali Zaremba

Outsiders Within: African American Women in the Academy

Poster by Andrea G. Hunter, Tammy L. Henderson

Parent Education for Divorcing Couples Results of a National Extension Survey

by Jane B. Riffe, Maureen Mulroy, Denise J. Brandon

Racially Socializing Biracial Youth Variations by Maternal Race

Poster by Alethea Rollins, Andrea Hunter

Relationship Interaction and Decision-making in Low-income Couples

by Renay Bradley, John Gottman, M. Robin Dion, Jean Knab

The Effect of Emotional Labor and Emotional Abuse on Relational Satisfaction

Poster by Megan Murphy, Lindsey Deets, Molly Petersen

The Effects of Marriage Education on Children Examining Rural Minorities

by Cassandra Kirkland, Francesca Adler-Baeder, Scott Ketring, Emily Skuban, Angela Bradford, Mallory Lucier-Greer, Thomas Smith, Larissa Ferretti

The Effects of Maternal Emotionality on Child Impulsivity

Poster by Kendra Lewis, Alan Acock, Samuel Vuchinich, Randal Day

The Interactive Sex History Questionnaire

Poster by Christopher Belous