Call for a Book Series Editor

May 24, 2011

Emerald Group Publishing is looking to recruit a new Series Editor(s) to take over the editorship of: Contemporary Perspectives in Family Research. The series is a collection of thematic book volumes, addressing topical issues on the subject of sociology and the family. The Series Editor(s) role is to guide the direction of the series, to commission new volumes and identify specific volume editors. Volumes can be an edited collection of papers by various authors, or a monograph piece by one or two authors. The intention would be to publish an annual volume.  The incoming series editor would be free to make the project their own and define the future editorial direction of the series. An honorarium would be paid to the Series Editor. For more information on the role of the Series Editor, please click here.
If you would like to discuss the role or to make an application, please contact the Commissioning Editor: Andrew Smith

The deadline for applications is June 27, 2011. Please submit a CV and a covering letter describing how you would like to see the series develop.