Call for Papers - Family & Consumer Sciences Research Journal special issue

Highlighting Cultural Diversity from a Global Perspective
November 01, 2011

As the demographics of the United States and the world shift and global processes grow in importance, it is critical to examine the impact of these issues in family and consumer sciences and related fields. This second special issue on cultural diversity broadly defined, is dedicated to understanding the accompanying social trends, new opportunities and challenges that are emerging in an increasingly interrelated world. This special issue will also serve as a platform for an interdisciplinary exploration of the intersection of family and consumer science related fields with globalization. It aims to generate a discussion on how the interface between family and consumer sciences research can be beneficially applied to practice from a global perspective.

Topics appropriate include: 1) strengths and challenges of culturally diverse individuals, families and communities 2) exploration of cultural diversity through family and consumer sciences and related field perspectives 3) examination of the demographic shifts in population and how these shifts have impacted individuals, family life, community and society and 4) globalizing processes and their effects on families, communities, population shifts, design issues, and consumer behaviors. Research may focus on a single or on multiple cultures. Abstracts are due November 15, 2011.