Celebrating 75 years of NCFR

The NCFR History Project; the 75th Annual Conference; historic notes, memories, and stories
January 08, 2013
75th anniversary graphic

In 2013, NCFR marks its 75th anniversary, and that is reason to celebrate.

Formed in 1938 as the National Conference on Family Relations, our organization has evolved into the premier professional association for the multidisciplinary study and understanding of families.

NCFR staff and members of the 75th anniversary advisory committee put together several initiatives to recognize the landmark year that would . . .

  • Celebrate the organization’s history and contributions to family scholarship, education, and service, including 75 years of the Journal of Marriage and Family.
  • Demonstrate the accomplishments of NCFR members in studying families, educating family scholars and educators, and advocating on behalf of research and programs that lead to stronger families.
  • Highlight the changing nature of families, marriage and relationships, and parenting, and the future role of NCFR as the leader in research and education of families.
The History Project

Mary Jo Czaplewski, past executive director, is working on a comprehensive review of NCFR through the decades.

Jason Samuels, IT director, has retrieved hundreds of documents from the NCFR archives and is curating articles, reports, proceedings, and historical publications to compliment the narrative.

Conference consultant Cindy Winter is acquiring and organizing additional materials and ideas from long-time members and her own 40+ years as the NCFR conference director.

Much more will be coming in the near future. For an easy introduction, check out the historical videos already posted.

NCFR 75th Annual Conference

The annual conference was November 6-9 in San Antonio, Texas. It was the best attended conference in almost 15 years. Special celebratory events included

  • 75th Anniversary Address: A special presentation by well-known researcher, author, and speaker Stephanie Coontz. This session was the lead-off for the 75th anniversary celebration event.
  • Anniversary Fiesta: Following the Anniversary Address….food, fun, music, and memories as we celebrate in the Tex-Mex style, hosted by Texas Tech University
  • NCFR history session: Jason and Mary Jo lead a Special Session about the NCFR History Project.
  • History on display: NCFR history depicted through artifacts, signage, stories, and more

Visit the 2013 conference recordings section for links to many session videos including the NCFR history session. The Stephanie Coontz address will be available later in January.

Historic communications
  • Zippy e-News: NCFR history notes appeared in the weekly e-newsletter.
  • NCFR Report magazine: Assistant Editor Charlie Cheesebrough provided 75th anniversary celebration updates.
  • CFLE Network newsletter: Director Dawn Cassidy included announcements and recollections in CFLE communications
  • NCFR website/social media:  Announcements, stories, photos, and historic moments were posted on the website and on Facebook and Twitter.