Wichita State conducting a survey of parents of "tweens" and teens

Subjects needed
June 07, 2011

Are you the parent or know a of a tween or early teen? Little research has explored parental views of tween and early teen dating relationships. Dr. Jodie Hertzog & Dr. Ron Matson of Wichita State University's Sociology Department are in the process of adding to the existing knowledge base in this area and you can help. In order to participate, your youth does NOT have to have started dating yet. We are interested in exploring parent views about dating and dating behaviors across different stages of adolescence. We are specifically looking for parents of tweens and teens (defined as youth in 6th - 10th grades) to take a brief web based survey that you should be able to complete within 15-20 minutes. For more information and to take the survey go to: http://mrinterview.wichita.edu/mrIWeb/mrIWeb.dll?I.Project=PARENTNATIONALSU

Please pass this link on to others that you know who may fit the criteria for the study.  Your assistance is greatly appreciated!  This study has IRB approval.