Zippy Weekly Videos

Birds on wires

An unconventional bird song

These birds are making music, but not in the way you'd think — the birds themselves are the notes of this song. Pretty cool, huh? From the creator of the song/concept:

"Reading the newspaper one morning, I saw this picture of birds on the electric wires. I cut out the photo and decided to make a song, using the exact location of the birds as notes. I was just curious to hear what melody the birds were creating." 

Overindulgence video image

Overindulgence: How parents can deal with the "I wants"

What is overindulgence? Why should I learn about it? How do I know if what I'm seeing is overindulgence? NCFR member Jean Illsley Clarke, an expert on the topic, answers these questions in this fun illustrated video, presented by the Minnesota Council on Family Relations and the University of Minnesota Extension.

Image from "The Paradise That Wasn't"

The paradise that wasn't

Each year, the DoGooder Nonprofit Video Awards honor displays of impact, inspiration, and even humor. The winner of the 2014 Most Inspiring Youth Media Award was created by Wide Angle Youth Media, a nonprofit that helps Baltimore youth tell their stories. Here is the description of the winning video:

"Each year, hundreds of young people and their families come to Baltimore as refugees. They are excited to come here and to have access to education and opportunity. But, for many youth refugees, Baltimore turns out to be a difficult place, where their American-born peers tease and bully them for being different. In this short documentary, filmmaker Evodie Ngoy, herself a refugee from the Congo DRC, helps other youth refugees tell their stories in order to challenge the prejudices that refugees face in America."

Dog and magician

Magic for dogs

Ever been befuddled by a magic trick? These dogs know the feeling, and it's pretty comical to watch. See how they react when magician Jose Ahonen makes treats disappear before their very eyes.

Animating Owen screen shot

Reaching an autistic child

Owen Suskind was diagnosed with regressive autism when he was 3 years old, and lost his speech skills. This video, made by Oscar-winning filmmaker Roger Ross Williams, explores how Owen's father, Ron, used the Disney characters his son loved to reach out to and communicate with Owen again.

You can also read an accompanying story from the New York Times Magazine online.

Vintage marriage education photo

Vintage films: Are you ready for marriage?

In this vintage family life education film, we get a perspective from 1950 on what couples were advised to consider in preparation for marriage. Watch as Sue and Larry go through "Cupid's Checklist."

Reuben Hill, former member of NCFR and a pioneer in the scholarly study of families, was an educational collaborator for this nearly 55-year-old film. 

Sheep rescue by kayak

All's wool that ends wool

This father-son sea kayaking expedition turned into more than they had planned when they saw a sheep stranded on a rock formation and had to go on a rescue mission. See and hear their story in this video. 

Sampling and standard error dance

Sampling and standard error — through dance!

This week's video revisits the entertaining combination of performing arts and research. A few months ago we highlighted a video from the British Psychological Society that explained the concept "correlation does not imply causation" through dance. Next up in the "Dancing Statistics" video series: an exploration of the statistical concepts of sampling and standard error.

Hotel balcony group song

Oh say, can these 1,000 voices sing

Oh say, can you see? You might not be able to see all 1,000 high school students in this video, but you certainly can hear them.

Each year, Kentucky's all-state high school choir members travel to the Kentucky Music Educators Association conference to perform. It's a tradition for them to come out onto the hotel's balconies at night and together sing the national anthem of the United States, "The Star-Spangled Banner."  

Little girl in rain

Bring on the rain

This video may be all you need to be more joyful today. In one of life's precious moments, 15-month-old Kayden experiences rain for the first time.