Katie Lowe receives prestigious Ruth Hathaway Jewson Award

The award recognizes the outstanding Family Studies dissertation proposal submitted by a doctoral candidate
October 26, 2012
Katie Lowe

Minneapolis, MN – The National Council on Family Relations (NCFR) has conferred its organization’s prestigious Ruth Hathaway Jewson Award and it will be presented at its annual conference in Phoenix, AZ in November. The Jewson Award was established to honor NCFR’s second Executive Director. It is awarded on even years to recognize the outstanding Family Studies dissertation proposal submitted by a doctoral candidate.

The 2012 recipient of the Ruth Hathaway Jewson Award is Katie Lowe. Her Dissertation is titled Parental Involvement during the College Transition:Trajectories and Associations with Academic Success, Well-being, and Individuation.  Lowe’s dissertation proposal indicates that she will gather evidence regarding the role that parental involvement may play in either facilitating or inhibiting successful development, both academically and developmentally, among emerging adults who transition to college as part of their journey toward adulthood. The transition to adulthood marks a developmentally significant time period for intergenerational familial relationships, as parents and adolescents must once again renegotiate their relationship dynamics. Lowe’s work will employ a prospective longitudinal design to examine characteristics of parental involvement in college, assess trajectories of parental involvement across the college transition, and examine the concurrent association of parental involvement with students’ academic achievement, well-being, and individuation during the college transition.  Both parents’ and young adults’ reports of current parental involvement will allow for examination of discrepancies at four time points from pre-college to end of the first year of college assessments. 

Katie’s dissertation proposal was selected because of her strong research plan and strong application.  Her research will contribute important theoretical implications for identifying the characteristics and trajectories of parental involvement across the college transition. In addition, Lowe’s study will contribute to clarifying the role of parent involvement among emerging adults in college and its associations with their achievement, well-being, and individuation. Lowe’s research is expected to help inform parent programs on college campuses that are often employed without a research basis.

Ms. Lowe is a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Human Development and Family Studies at Purdue University. Her research interests include understanding connections among parent factors, classroom context, and adolescents’ academic achievement. This includes conceptualizing and measuring how parent involvement changes, in terms of level and type, across the same developmental period. Her accomplishments include journal publications, national conference presentations, and publications in progress. Katie is an active member of NCFR and the Society for Research in Child Development.

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