Video Lexicon

Experts describe their work in their own words
Anisa Zvonkovic, National Council on Family Relations member

A video collection of NCFR experts talking about their areas of research or practice, including Alan Hawkins, Pauline Boss, Bill Doherty, Jean Illsley Clarke, Michael P. Johnson, and Bob Milardo.

All of the lexicon videos are published under a Creative Commons license (attribution - reuse allowed). You may freely share and use all or part of these video segments for noncommercial purposes, including in your course materials and as a classroom resource. Please be sure to identify the speakers and cite NCFR as the source.

Andrew Cherlin

Andrew Cherlin on marriage, cohabitation, and societal trends in family formation

Andrew Cherlin, NCFR Fellow and noted sociologist and demographer, discusses his areas of expertise; marriage, cohabitation, and societal trends in family formation including “The Deinstitutionalization of Marriage,” the name he coined for these trends. 

Stephen T. Russell

Stephen Russell on the special vulnerabilities of LGBT youth

Stephen T. Russell, sociologist and expert on adolescent sexuality from the University of Arizona, talks about his research on the special vulnerabilities of LGBT youth in their communities.  He assesses the state of the field today as well as his thoughts about where research should go in the future.

Katherine Allen

Katherine Allen on rural women facing cancer

Katherine Allen, Professor at Virginia Tech, discusses her study of rural women of Appalachia who are facing gynecological cancer. These women fall into marginalization in many ways—by gender, by geography, by their age and by their financial straits. Dr. Allen's research uncovers their stories of resilience and their experiences in the survivorship process.

Joyce Arditti

Joyce Arditti on parental incarceration

Professor Joyce Arditti at Virginia Tech talks about her research on parental incarceration and the transformative effect it had on her scholarship.  Criminology has long been examined in the social sciences. However, Dr. Arditti has added a family lens to this area of study.  Her ground-breaking research is now published in her new book on parental incarceration.

Anisa Zvonkovic

Anisa Zvonkovic on work-life issues for those who travel

Professor Anisa Zvonkovic, an expert of family work-life issues at Virginia Tech, discusses her fascinating research on the families of commercial fishermen in the U.S. Pacific Northwest and another study she has done on families with a parent whose job requires frequent travel.

Robert M. Milardo, Ph.D.

Robert Milardo on Aunts and Uncles

In this video NCFR Fellow and Journal of Family Theory & Review editor Robert Milardo discusses his research on the family-based generativity from Aunts and Uncles.

Michael P. Johnson

Michael P. Johnson on Intimate Partner Violence

In this video NCFR Fellow Michael P. Johnson discusses the Intimate Partner Violence typology he developed that has advanced the field of Family Violence.

Alan Hawkins

Alan Hawkins on Healthy Marriages

In this video professor Alan Hawkins discusses his research on healthy marriages, and the state and federal marriage initiatives.

Bill Doherty

Bill Doherty and the "Couples on the Brink" project

Former NCFR president, professor, and Marriage and Family Therapist Bill Doherty discusses the creation of the Couples on the Brink Project in Minnesota, which offers a new type of counseling to married couples considering divorce.

NCFR member Jeanne Illsey Clarke

Jean Illsley Clarke on Overindulgence

Expert parenting educator Jean Illsley Clarke discusses her research on the subject of overindulgence.

NCFR member Pauline Boss

Pauline Boss on Ambiguous Loss

In this video, former NCFR president and Burgess Award Winner Pauline Boss discusses the theory of Ambiguous Loss, a term she coined in the 1970s.