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Permissions to use non-journal publications

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Permissions to use scholarly journals


Due to the increasing volume of permissions requests, Wiley-Blackwell has partnered with the Copyright Clearance Center to offer an automated permissions system directly on InterScience. "RightsLink" is for routine requests, and would not apply for authors requesting special consideration as members of the editorial board, for example. But in many cases, requestors can clear permissions requests using the service as follows:

Please contact the Wiley-Blackwell permissions department directly for the following requests:

  • Permission to use material from a Wiley book
  • Wiley or Wiley-Blackwell journal articles that do not contain the Rightslink "Request Permissions" link
  • Wiley or Wiley-Blackwell journal articles that are not available on Wiley InterScience

If the material you wish to use cannot be cleared via Rightslink, please email your request to us again with the words "NON-RIGHTSLINK" in the subject line and ignore the further automated response that you receive.

Permissions Guidelines

Authors can reuse their own articles in publications they have edited or authored without the need to obtain permission. This right is included in the copyright agreement. Sometimes the publisher of the new work will not accept the agreement and asks to see a written license-in which case we are happy to grant permission without charge.

In addition, we also make special considerations for editorial board members, regular peer reviewers, or others who contribute to Wiley publications. In such cases, please contact the Wiley-Blackwell permissions department directly, and be sure to mention any such connection in a request.

The size of print run isn't taken into account when granting republication rights.

We offer generous discounts to authors from developing countries s defined by the World Bank's country classification), ranging from 35% to 75% depending on the specific country involved. If the discount results in a fee of less than $100, the entire fee is waived.

Finally, there is no charge for requests to republish up to 3 figures or 400 words of continuous text quoted from a single journal article, or no more than 5 figures from a single journal issue/edition, or no more than 6 figures from an annual journal volume, or a maximum of 800 words made up of various quotations, are granted free unless the use is especially prominent or commercial, for example use of a figure as a cover image or for advertising and promotional purposes.