Theory Construction and Research Methodology

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The Nature of TCRM Workshops

Since its establishment in 1971, TCRM, the Theory Construction and Research Methodology Workshop, has been a collegial forum for the discussion, development and refinement of theory and methods relevant to the study of families. It is a venue for cutting-edge work in family theory and/or research methods. As usual, this year’s TCRM workshop will be held in conjunction with the National Council on Family Relations (NCFR’s) annual conference. All who have an interest in family theory and research methods, including graduate students and new professionals, are invited to attend and participate.

TCRM has a unique format. Registrants receive copies of all papers about a month before the conference.  TCRM sessions comprise informed discussions of theoretical and methodological issues raised by peer-reviewed papers that are read prior to the workshop by discussants and workshop attendees. Because attendees have already read the papers, discussions can center on the ideas raised in each paper and on the integration of different papers in a session. And since discussants have also provided their comments to the papers' authors in advance, authors get a chance to respond to the discussants' comments in an atmosphere of collaboration, pushing forward the thinking of authors, discussants, and audience alike. In this intimate, receptive climate the feedback is invaluable. As a result, family methods and theories can evolve in a collegial and cooperative context. For papers eventually intended for submission to the Journal of Family Theory & Review, this forum can provide valuable feedback that authors can use to strengthen the manuscript’s contents.

In sum, TCRM is especially designed for those who want to participate in or attend an active intellectual exchange. Works-in-progress are especially invited.

Sourcebook of Family Theory and Research

The Sourcebook of Family Theory and Research was sponsored by the National Council on Family Relations, the Research and Theory Section, and the Theory Construction and Research Methods Workshop.

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