Mission Statement

NCFR's mission is to provide an educational forum for family researchers, educators, and practitioners to share in the development and dissemination of knowledge about families and family relationships, establish professional standards, and work to promote family well-being. See NCFR's global ends that guide this work.


In 2007 and 2008, NCFR went through an intensive institutional identity study led by Dr. Dwight Jewson, president of Strategic Frameworking. The results of the many exercises related to this project are summarized in the Institutional Identity Hierarchy pyramid. This visual is a representation of NCFR's "place in the world," says Dr. Jewson. The sections of the pyramid provide key statements related to who we are in NCFR, what we do as an organization, and why.

Dr. Jewson's list of clients includes Nordstrom, the March of Dimes, AT&T and many others. He also is a long-time member of the NCFR "family"; his mother, Ruth Jewson, was executive director from 1956 to 1984.