2017 NCFR Award Recipients

2017 NCFR-Sponsored and NCFR Section-Sponsored Awards

2017 Affiliate Councils Awards

2017 Section Award Winners

Advancing Family Science Section

Education & Enrichment Section

  • Student Proposal Award
    J. Kale Monk, University of Missouri
    “Systemic Relationship and Psycho-education Programs for Military Couples”
    Anthony J. Ferraro, Kansas State University
    “Coparenting After Divorce: Perceived Competence as a Coping Mechanism”
    Samantha LeBouef, University of Minnesota
    “Near, Far, Wherever You Are: Siblings and Social Media Communication”

Ethnic Minorities Section

  • New Professional Best Paper Award
    Christiana Awosan, Seton Hall University
    “Racial Stressor and its effects on Black heterosexual Spousal Support”

  • Student Best Paper Award
    Megan Hicks, Wayne State University
    “Risk and Protective Factors Predicting Sexual Risk Behavior Among Black Men”

Families & Health Section

Family Policy Section

  • Feldman Best Conference Proposal Award
    Junhan Cho, University of Georgia
    “Community and Family Influences on Engagement in Georgia’s Maternal, Infant, and Early Childhood Home Visiting Program”

Family Therapy Section

Feminism and Family Studies Section

International Section

Religion, Spirituality & Family Section

  • Outstanding Paper Award
    G. Kevin Randall, Sam Houston State University
    “Distal Family Events, Proximal Influences, and the Religiosity of Incarcerated Males”
  • Student and New Professional Outstanding Paper Award
    Hilary Dalton, Kansas State University
    “Sacrifice and Self-care as Relational Processes: The Connections and Tensions”
    Deirdre A. Quinn, University of Maryland
    “Family Religiosity, Parent Monitoring, and College Students’ Sexual Risk”

Research & Theory Section


2017 Focus Group Awards