2020 NCFR Award Recipients

2020 designated award recipients


2020 NCFR Designated Awards

Felix Berardo Scholarship Award for Mentoring
Advancing Family Science Section
Tammy Henderson

Margaret E. Arcus Outstanding Family Life Educator Award
Education and Enrichment Section
Bridget Walsh

Ruth Hathaway Jewson Award
Families and Health Section
Farin Bakhtiari

Feldman Outstanding Research Proposal for Research in Family Policy
Family Policy Section
Mary Anne Gunter

Jessie Bernard Outstanding Research Proposal from a Feminist Perspective
Feminism and Family Studies Section
Lauren Smithee

Jessie Bernard Outstanding Contribution to Feminist Scholarship Paper
Feminism and Family Studies Section
Veronica Barrios

NCFR Student Award
Anna Olsavsky

John L. and Harriette P. McAdoo Dissertation Award 
Racial and Ethnic Diversity in Families Section
Azucena Verdín

Ernest W. Burgess Award
Research and Theory Section
Thomas N. Bradbury

Reuben Hill Award
Research and Theory Section
Elma I. Lorenzo-Blanco, Alan Meca, Brandy Piña-Watson, Byron L. Zamboanga, José Szapocznik, Miguel Ángel Cano, David Cordova, Jennifer B. Unger, Andrea Romero, Sabrina E. Des Rosiers, Daniel W. Soto, Juan A. Villamar, Monica Pattarroyo, Karina M. Lizzi, and Seth J. Schwartz


Member Group Committee Awards

Inclusion and Diversity Committee
Social Justice Award for Contributions to Family Science

Anthony G. James, Ph.D., CFLE, Miami University

Certified Family Life Educator (CFLE) Advisory Board
CFLE Special Recognition Award

Heylene Ingrid Frederick, Ph.D., CFLE, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


2020 Affiliate Councils Recipients

Affiliate Grant Awards
Montclair State University

NCFR Affiliate Councils Award for Meritorious Service
Maureen Blankemeyer, Ph.D., CFLE, Kent State University


2020 Section Award Recipients


Advancing Family Science Section

Wesley Burr Graduate Student Scholarship Award
Amanda Capannola, M.S., University of Tennessee, Knoxville
“Critical Reflections on Teaching “Diversity” From the Margins: Graduate Teaching Associates’ Experiences and Perspectives”

Wesley Burr Student Scholarship Award Undergraduate
Sydney Cohee, Towson University

“Promoting Success and Reducing Barriers to Learning in Family Studies Classrooms: Evidence-Based Implications for Classroom Practice”

Emerging Mentor/Teacher Award
Anthony Ferraro, Ph.D., CFLE, Kansas State University


Education and Enrichment Section

Student Proposal Award
Emily Charvat, M.S., University of Missouri

“Improvements in Relationship Satisfaction and Coparenting Quality Following Relationship Education: Examining the Spillover Hypothesis Among Stepcouples and Non-Stepcouples”


Families and Health Section

Outstanding Professional Paper/Publications Award
Antoinette Marie Landor, Ph.D., University of Missouri

“Skin-Tone Trauma: Historical and Contemporary Influences on the Health and Interpersonal Outcomes of African Americans”

Outstanding Student and New Professional Paper Award
Christine E. McCall, M.S., Purdue University

“‘A part of our family’? Effects of psychiatric service dogs on quality of life and relationship functioning in military-connected couples”

Outstanding Ph.D./NP Poster Award
Darcy Sullivan, M.A., University of Kansas

“Women With Disabilities: Attitudes, Desires, and Intentions Regarding Children”

Outstanding Undergrad/Masters Student Poster Award
Theresa Schinkowitch, B.S., University of Wisconsin-Madison
“Girls vs. Boys with Autism: Differences in the Parent-Child Relationship Quality”

Excellence in Professional/Clinical Practice Award
Tai Mendenhall, Ph.D., LMFT, University of Minnesota


Family Policy Section

Feldman Internship Award
Elizabeth C. Coppola, M.S., Purdue University

Feldman Best Conference Proposal Award
Kathryn Cherry, M.A., and Emily Gerstein, Ph.D., University of MissouriSaint Louis
“Children’s Early Emotion Regulation: Do Changes in Maternal Socioeconomic Risk Matter?” 


Family Therapy Section

Best Research Paper Award – Student
Emily Charvat, M.S., University of Missouri

“Stress and Couple Relationship Satisfaction: Fondness as an adaptive process”

Best Research Paper Award – New Professional
Taimyr Strachan-Louidor, Ph.D., University of West Georgia Counseling Center 
“Predictors of anxiety and depression in African American Emerging Adults”

Best Poster Award – Student
Jamie Dellinger, MFT, Virginia Tech

“Attachment-Informed Family Treatment in LGBTQ+ Community Settings: A Thematic Analysis of Youth and Caregiver Perceptions”


Feminism and Family Studies Section

Alexis Walker - Lifetime Achievement in Feminist Family Studies
Anisa M. Zvonkovic, Ph.D., East Carolina University


International Section

Jan Trost Award
Yan Ruth Xia, Ph.D., CFLE, University of Nebraska–Lincoln


Racial and Ethnic Diversity in Families Section

New Professional Best Paper Award
Joy R. Lile, Ph.D., Washington State University

“Tofa Saili: Findings From a Community-Based Research Partnership to Support Pacific Islander Students and Families”

Student Best Paper Award
TeKisha M. Rice, Ph.D., CFLE, and Jacqueline Lee, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

“That’s Not My Narrative”: How African Americans’ Evade and Reject Negative Stereotypes About Black Relational and Family Functioning


Religion, Spirituality, and Family Section

Outstanding Paper Award

  • Group 1: Tommy M. Phillips, Ph.D., Mississippi State University; coauthors: Loren Marks, Ellie Kimball, Mary Allison Page, Brandan Wheeler, Michael Goodman, Trevan Hatch, Jennifer Smith, and Sterling Wall
    “Family Home Evening: Challenges and Benefits”
  • Group 2: Michael Goodman, Ph.D., Brigham Young University; coauthors: Justin Dyer, Mikel Cressman, Anjelica Jerez, Kelsey Johnson, Emily Purtschert, and Joseph Sheen
    “LGBTQ Adolescent Suicidality: Religious Salience and Family Flexibility”


Student and New Professional Outstanding Paper Award

Woosang Hwang, Ph.D., Joonsik Yoon, Merril Silverstein, and Maria Brown, Syracuse University
“Multidimensional Typology of Religiosity in Three Generations”


Research & Theory Section

Best Abstract by a Student and New Professional Award
Renée Wilkins-Clark, M.S., CFLE, Kansas State University

“Meaning Making and Sibling Closeness Among Emerging Adults”


2020 Focus Group Awards

Family Financial Well-Being Focus Group

Best Student Paper Award
Ashley LeBaron, M.S., University of Arizona
“Feminism and Couple Finance: Power as a Mediator Between Financial Processes and Relationship Outcomes”

Best Family Financial Well-Being Paper of the Year Paper
Jennifer Rea, Ph.D., Sharon Danes, Ph.D., Joyce Serido, Ph.D., Lynne Borden, Ph.D., University of Minnesota; and Soyeon Shim, Ph.D., University of Wisconsin
“Being Able to Support Yourself: Young Adults' Meaning of Financial Well-Being Through Family Financial Socialization”


Issues in Aging Focus Group

Issues in Aging Focus Group Award – Students and New Professionals

  • Kaitlin Roselius, Julie A. Tippens, Kara Kohel, Irene Padasas, Gulie Khalaf, and Izdihar (Vian) Sheikh, University of Nebraska–Lincoln
    “Older Adult Yazidi Refugee Women’s Coping and Resilience in the Midwest U.S.”
  • Nusroon Fatiha, M.A., and Tai Mendenhall, Ph.D., University of Minnesota
    “Diabetes Management and Family Support For Older Population: A Systematic Review”

Issues in Aging Focus Group Award – Professional

  • Jacqueline Gahagan, Ph.D., Dalhousie University; Áine M. Humble, Ph.D., CFLE, Mount St. Vincent University; Marco Redden, Ph.D., Mount St. Vincent University, Erin S. Lavender-Stott, Ph.D., South Dakota State, Steffany Sloan, Ph.D., University of Missouri; J. Kale Monk, Ph.D., CFLE, University of Missouri; TeKisha M. Rice, Ph.D., CFLE, Brian G. Ogolsky, Ph.D., and Ramona Faith Oswald, Ph.D., University of Illinois
    SPECIAL SESSION: Still Here, Still Queer: Qualitative Research on LGBTQ Aging Symposium”
  • Kandauda Wickrama, Ph.D., Tae Kyoung Lee, Ph.D., and Catherine O'Neal, Ph.D., University of Georgia
    “Couple BMI Trajectory Patterns During Mid-Later Years: Socioeconomic Stratification and Later-Life Physical Health Outcomes”


Men in Families Focus Group

Men in Families Focus Group – Best New Professional Research Article Award
Daniel J. Laxman, Ph.D., Utah State University

“Predictors of Attrition and Attendance in a Fatherhood Education Program”

Men in Families Focus Group – Best Research Article Award
Abigail H. Gewirtz, Ph.D., University of Minnesota
“Effects of the After Deployment: Adaptive Parenting Tools (ADAPT) intervention on fathers and their children: A moderated mediation model”

Men in Families Focus Group – Diversity and Inclusion Research Article Award
Todd M. Jensen, Ph.D., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

“A Typology of Interactional Patterns Between Youth and Their Stepfathers: Associations with Family Relationship Quality and Youth Well-Being”


Military Families and Children Focus Group

Military Families and Children Focus Group – Outstanding SNP Proposal Award
Meredith Farnsworth, University of Georgia

“Military Stressors, Parent-Adolescent Relationship Quality, and Adolescent Adjustment”

Military Families and Children Focus Group – Outstanding Professional Proposal Award
Leanne Knobloch, Ph.D., University of Illinois     

“Suspicion About a Partner’s Deception and Trust as Roots of Relational Uncertainty During the Post-Deployment Transition”


Qualitative Family Research Network Focus Group

Anselm Strauss Award for Qualitative Family Research
Áine M. Humble, Ph.D., CFLE, Mount Saint Vincent University, and M. Elise Radina, Ph.D., CFLE, Miami University
How Qualitative Data Analysis Happens: Moving Beyond “Themes Emerged”