2021 NCFR Award Recipients

2021 recipients


2021 NCFR Designated Awards

NCFR Student Award
Erin Cooper, M.A., Auburn University
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Cindy Winter Scholarship
Janeal M. White, M.S., CFLE, McNeese State University
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Jessie Bernard Outstanding Research Proposal from a Feminist Perspective
Feminism and Family Studies Section
Steph Cooke, M.A., Virginia Tech

“A Narrative Inquiry about Motherwork of Women-Partnered Black Queer Women”
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Jessie Bernard Outstanding Contribution to Feminist Scholarship Paper
Feminism and Family Studies Section
Candice Maier, Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Stout
“Examining Gender in Heterosexual Couples Relationships Utilizing the Biobehavioral Family Model: Implications for Couple Therapy”
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Reuben Hill Award
Christina J. Cross, Harvard University

“Racial/Ethnic Differences in the Association Between Family Structure and Children’s Education”
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Kathleen Briggs Outstanding Mentor Award
Stephen T. Fife, Ph.D., Texas Tech University
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Marie Peters Award
Ani Yazedjian, Ph.D., Illinois State University
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Ernest Osborne Award
Silvia K. Bartolic, Ph.D., University of British Columbia
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Wiley Prize in Family Science: The Alexis Walker Award

Karen Bogenschneider, Ph.D., University of Wisconsin–Madison
Realizing the Promise of Research in Policymaking: Theoretical Guidance Grounded in Policymaker Perspectives
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Cognella Innovation in Teaching Family Science Award

First place:
Alan C. Taylor, Ph.D., CFLE, East Carolina University

Second place (tie):
Dee Hill-Zuganelli, Ph.D., Berea College
Kerry Weil Tripp, J.D., University of Maryland

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2021 Affiliate Councils Awards

Affiliate Councils Award for Meritorious Service
Shera C. Jackson, Ph.D., Texas Tech University 

Affiliate Councils Student and New Professional President-For-A-Day Award
Christine E. McCall, M.S., Purdue University


2021 Section Award Winners

Advancing Family Science Section

Emerging Mentor/Teacher Award
Christina M. Marini, Ph.D., Adelphi University

Sarah A. Kuborn, Ph.D., CFLE, Southeast Missouri State University

Outstanding Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) Paper Award
Katherine R. Allen, Virginia Tech


Families & Health Section

Excellence in Professional/Clinical Practice Award
Mariana K. Falconier, Ph.D., University of Maryland

Outstanding Professional Paper/Publications Award
Ashley E. Ermer, Ph.D., CFLE, Montclair State University
“Older Women’s Friendships: Illuminating the Role of Marital Histories in How Older Women Navigate Friendships and Caregiving for Friends”

Outstanding Student and New Professional Paper Award
Athena Chung Yin Chan, M.S., University of Minnesota
“The state of theory in elder family financial exploitation: A systematic review”

Outstanding Ph.D./NP Poster Award
Jacqlyn L. Yourell, M.S. University of Florida
“Weight-Talk Between Parents and Adolescents: A Systematic Review of Relationships With Health-Related and Psychosocial Outcomes”

Outstanding Undergrad/Masters Student Poster Award
Aosai Liu, M.S., Florida State University
“The Role of Indulgence Parenting in Linking Marital Relationship and Parenting Stress”


Family and Community Education Section (formerly Education and Enrichment Section)

Student Proposal Award
Emily Charvat, M.S., University of Missouri
“Similar Benefits of CRE Workshops Following the Pivot to Online Implementation During the COVID-19 Pandemic”

Erin Cooper, M.A., Auburn University
“First, Do No Harm: Exploring ACEs’ Impact on Couple Relationship Education Outcomes and Resilience-Related Mechanisms of Change”

Kayley Davis McMahan, Ph.D.
“How Would You React? Developing and Analyzing the Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) Disclosure Reactions (SDR) Measure”


Family Therapy Section

Best Poster Award – Student
Courtney Anne Furlong, M.Ed., Auburn University
“Sexual Assault and Links to Sense of Control and Economic and Marital Stability”

Best Poster Award – New Professional
Nick Frye-Cox, Ph.D., Auburn University
“A Review of Internet-Delivered and Text Message Interventions for the Treatment of Mental Health”


Racial and Ethnic Diversity in Families Section

Student Best Paper Award
Ashley A. Walsdorf, Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin

“Developing an Observational Task to Measure Ethnic-Racial Socialization in African American and Latinx Children and Adolescents: Theory, Practice, and Change”

New Professional Best Paper Award
Melinda Murdock, M.S.
“How Do Couples Flourish While Experiencing Daily Discrimination? Examining Race-Related Stress, Resiliency, and Relationship Quality in Black Couples”


Religion, Spirituality, and Family Section

Outstanding Paper Award
Jacki A. Fitzpatrick, Ph.D., CFLE, Texas Tech University        
“The Representation of God/Higher Power in Storybooks About U.S. Adoptive Families”

Student and New Professional Outstanding Paper Award
William Stanford, M.A., University of Georgia

“How Faith Helps and Hinders in Interfaith Marriages”


Research & Theory Section

Best Abstract by a Student and New Professional Award
Siera Jo Reimnitz, M.S., CFLE, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
“Coparenting Alliance, Couple Conflict, Social Support, and Relationship Quality: A Dyadic Model of Low-Income Couples”


2021 Focus Group Awards

Family Financial Well-Being Focus Group

Best Family Economics Paper of the Year
Xiaomin Li, Melissa A. Curran, Ashley B. LeBaron-Black, Joyce Serido, and Soyeon Shim
“Romantic attachment orientations, financial behaviors, and life outcomes among young adults: A mediating analysis of a college cohort”

Best Student Paper Award
Xiaoyan Zhang, Ambika Krishnakumar, and Lutchmie Narine 
“Family economic hardship and child outcomes: Test of family stress model in the Chinese context”


Issues in Aging Focus Group

Issues in Aging Focus Group Award – Students and New Professionals
Woosang Hwang, Ph.D., Syracuse University
“Do Filial Elder-Care Norms Predict Intergenerational Solidarity With Older Parents? A Developmental Approach”

Kyle L. Bower, Ph.D., Georgia State University
“Life Journeys Toward Spiritual Fulfillment by LGBTQ Older Adults: Implications For Couple and Family Therapists”

Issues in Aging Focus Group Award – Professional
Twyla J. Hill, Ph.D., and Cheyla Clawson, M.F.A., Wichita State University
“Choreographing Matrilineal Memories by Combining Oral History Interviews and Dance”

G. Kevin Randall, Ph.D., CFLE
“The Distal Influence of Closeness to Parents and Life Satisfaction of Centenarians”


Men in Families Focus Group

Best Research Article Award
Raymond E. Petren, Ph.D., Penn State Scranton
“A Cross‐Lagged panel model of coparental interaction and father involvement shortly after divorce”

Best New Professional Research Article Award
Laura Cutler, Ph.D., Ohio State University
“Fathers’ shared book reading experiences: Common behaviors, frequency, predictive factors, and developmental outcomes”

Diversity and Inclusion Research Article Award
Joyce Y. Lee, Ph.D., M.S.W., Ohio State University
“Longitudinal relations between coparenting and father engagement in low-income residential and nonresidential father families”


Military Families and Children Focus Group

Outstanding SNP Proposal Award
Hilary D. Pippert, Ph.D.
“U.S. Army Wives’ Perceptions of and Experiences with Sacrifice”

Outstanding Professional Proposal Award
Shelley M. MacDermid Wadsworth, Ph.D., CFLE, Purdue University
“Pathways to Successful Reintegration following Military Deployment”


Sibling Relationships Focus Group

Best Student Paper Award
Renée Elizabeth Wilkins-Clark, Kansas State University, M.S., CFLE
“Sibling Moderation of the Relationship Between Parental Adverse Childhood Experiences, Therapeutic Intervention, and Child Behavior”

Best Student Poster Award
Olivia Tomfohrde, M.S., LMFT, University of Minnesota
“Former Foster Youths’ Perceptions of Sibling Relationships in Foster Care: Barriers and Suggestions For Policy and Programming”