NCFR Affiliate Grant Award

2023 Recipient

No Winner


The Affiliate Grant is designed to support an affiliate's activities and promote involvement in the affiliate and/or NCFR. Student and state/regional affiliates are invited to apply for a grant of up to $300 to support an activity or project in their community or region. Grant applications will be evaluated based on the criteria below. Student and state/regional affiliates are evaluated separately, and more than one grant may be awarded. Affiliates may only receive this award once every three years.


The recipient affiliate/s will receive a grant of up to $300 and will be recognized during the Affiliate Councils business meeting at the NCFR Annual Conference.


  • Project description: Must describe in detail a specific project or activity that the grant would support and the purpose of the project. The project must align with the mission of the affiliate and NCFR.
  • Budget: Must include a budget that supports the project description.
  • Affiliate description: Must describe affiliate's current engagement with NCFR and engagement at the University, community, state, and/or regional level. The applicant must be a current active affiliate with all paperwork up to date with NCFR.

Application Process

  • Nominees must complete and submit the application form by June 1. Please keep your responses to a total of three pages.
  • At the conclusion of the project, the recipient affiliate must submit a 1-2 page grant report detailing how the money was spent and the outcomes of the project/activity.
  • In addition, the affiliate will be recognized at the Affiliate Councils meeting at the NCFR Annual Conference the year following their grant award and will be expected to discuss the impact of the award and highlight their affiliate's activities.


June 1: Application deadline. Submit all materials to Membership.
July 31: The recipient is notified by this date.