NCFR Students and New Professionals President-for-a-Day Award

Not Offered In 2024

2023 - No recipient

2022 Recipient

Lorena Aceves, Ph.D., Child Trends


This award recognizes an NCFR student or new professional's (SNP's) commitment, energy, innovation in their service to NCFR, and empowers them to continue evolving their leadership role.


In recognition of their dedication, the award recipient will receive a $500 conference travel stipend, a President-for-a-Day plaque, and the opportunity to shadow the current NCFR board president during one day of the NCFR annual conference. The award will be presented at the NCFR Annual Conference. The recipient will be notified in advance and the date they shadow the NCFR board president will be pre-determined based on recipient's and president's schedules.


The recipient of this award will have supported and furthered NCFR's mission through conference volunteering, year-round service opportunities (including service to affiliate councils or NCFR-related university or professional activities), and overall efforts to foster community among SNPs.

Applicants for the award must be NCFR members for at least one full year before applying, and demonstrate their involvement in NCFR and/or an affiliate.

Nomination/Application Process

Email the following documents to Membership by June 1:

  • Application form
  • Typed statement (1-2 pages) responding to the following:

There are thousands of professional organizations in this country, and not only have you chosen to belong to NCFR, but you have made an effort to become integrally involved in the organization's mission. NCFR has three overarching statements called Global Ends that guide the work of the staff and the NCFR Board of Directors. With these ends in mind, answer the following questions:

  1. Why did you choose to become a member of NCFR?
  2. How have you contributed to NCFR and what do you feel your service to the organization has accomplished?
  3. As a student or new professional, you have many professional years ahead of you. How do you plan to use that time in service to NCFR and what do you hope to accomplish?
  4. Finally, if selected for this award, what would it mean for you to be NCFR president for a day?


June 1: Application deadline. Submit all materials to Membership.
July 31: The recipient is notified by this date.