Issues in Aging Focus Group Award

Student and Professional Awards

2020 Recipients 

Students and New Professionals

Kaitlin Roselius, Julie A. Tippens, Kara Kohel, Irene Padasas, Gulie Khalaf, and Izdihar (Vian) Sheikh, University of Nebraska–Lincoln
“Older Adult Yazidi Refugee Women’s Coping and Resilience in the Midwest U.S.”

Nusroon Fatiha, M.A., and Tai Mendenhall, Ph.D., University of Minnesota
“Diabetes Management and Family Support For Older Population: A Systematic Review”

Issues in Aging Focus Group Award – Professional

Jacqueline Gahagan, Ph.D., Dalhousie University; Áine M. Humble, Ph.D., CFLE, Mount St. Vincent University; Marco Redden, Ph.D., Mount St. Vincent University, Erin S. Lavender-Stott, Ph.D., South Dakota State, Steffany Sloan, Ph.D., University of Missouri; J. Kale Monk, Ph.D., CFLE, University of Missouri; TeKisha M. Rice, Ph.D., CFLEBrian G. Ogolsky, Ph.D., and Ramona Faith Oswald, Ph.D., University of Illinois
SPECIAL SESSION: Still Here, Still Queer: Qualitative Research on LGBTQ Aging Symposium”

Kandauda Wickrama, Ph.D., Tae Kyoung Lee, Ph.D., and Catherine O'Neal, Ph.D., University of Georgia
“Couple BMI Trajectory Patterns During Mid-Later Years: Socioeconomic Stratification and Later-Life Physical Health Outcomes”


The Issues in Aging Focus Group Award recognizes and promotes exceptional scholarly work related to issues in aging among family scholars.


The award recipients are presented with certificates. The award is presented annually at the Issues in Aging Focus Group meeting at the NCFR Annual Conference.


Proposals (all formats included) accepted for the annual NCFR conference are eligible. There will be one award for a student or new professional, and one for a professional.

At least one author of the research article must be a member of NCFR.

Nomination/application process

Those who have an accepted proposal with an aging focus may be nominated. Committee members will review the conference program for those whose title indicates an aging focus and request proposals from NCFR. NCFR will provide the proposals to the committee for review.


June 1: Application deadline. Submit all materials to the Issues in Aging focus group co-chairs
July 31: The recipient is notified by this date

Committee structure

Issues in Aging co-chairs, students and new professionals representative, and previous years' recipient.