Anselm Strauss Award for Qualitative Family Research

2023 - No Recipient

2020 Recipients

Áine M. Humble, Ph.D., CFLE, Mount Saint Vincent University, and M. Elise Radina, Ph.D., CFLE, Miami University
"How Qualitative Data Analysis Happens: Moving Beyond "Themes Emerged"


The Anselm Strauss Award for Qualitative Family Research recognizes significant work in the area of family theory, methods and research that comes from a qualitative tradition. The award is named for Anselm Strauss; his life's work was to develop and practice qualitative methodologies


The recipient is presented with a plaque or a certificate. It is presented annually at the QFRN Focus Group Annual Meeting and the recipient is also recognized at the Research and Theory Section Annual Meeting. The Anselm Strauss Award Committee may also grant "honorable mention" to other articles or chapters which do not receive the award but otherwise meet the award criteria and, in their assessment, also deserve recognition.


Nominations for this award must be qualitative journal articles or book chapters published during the year prior to presentation. The focus must be on qualitative family scholarship, although the work can be based on qualitative research, methodology, or theory. (It does not have to be an empirical research paper.)

High quality submissions of all types of qualitative work are welcome, with no one method having advantage over others. The rigor of the research process, the clarity of the findings, the representation of the informant's views and, if appropriate, representation of the researcher's view will be assessed.

The work should be significant or innovative in some way for qualitative family scholarship. It should not simply be a good example of using a method; it should be creative and push the field forward, either in its method, methodology, or theory of method.

The Strauss Award is not given for contributions to a substantive or topical area. The award is about qualitative family scholarship, drawing attention to qualitative methods or theories of qualitative methods (although the award can be given to an empirical piece with a significant methodological or theoretical development).

Membership in NCFR, the QFRN Focus Group, or the Research and Theory Section is not required.

Nomination/application process

A committee conducts an evaluation of the top scholarly journals in the family field. Nominations from individuals not on the committee are welcome.


May 1: Deadline for nominations of articles. Send nominations to the QFRN Focus Group chairs.
July 31: Award recipients will be notified by this date.