Czaplewski Fellowship Award


Past presidents of NCFR established this Fellowship in Administration in honor of retired Executive Director Mary Jo Czaplewski. She served as NCFR's chief executive from 1984 to 1999. Its purpose is to provide funding to support the efforts of family scholars who want to obtain and make mid-career moves into academic or nonprofit administration.


The fellowship is awarded only when there is a request for support, but not more often than once every other year after review of application materials. An award of up to $500 is given biennially to a qualified applicant.


The applicant must have:

  • a minimum of a bachelor's degree or equivalent, and three-five years of experience in teaching, community service work, or other practice in the family sciences or a related non-profit area (e.g. high school or post-secondary teaching, early childhood education, social work, counseling, therapy, health service delivery, etc.);
  • a current membership in NCFR; and
  • demonstrated desire and interest in a career change to either non-profit association management or administration or academic administration.

Nomination/application process

Please submit:

  • a letter of application describing past activities leading up to and describing the goal of changing careers and describing your career goal and how the fellowship money will be used to achieve the goals;
  • an academic vita or resume;
  • three letters of recommendation from colleagues or supervisors attesting to the applicant's character and qualifications for potential leadership roles; and
  • a description of the program for which the funds would be used (course tuition, conference travel, certification fees, research or internship expenses, study in family policy for non-profits, etc.)


The Fellowship will be awarded only when there is a request for support, but not more often than once every other year. There are no deadlines. Submit all materials to Membership in accord with awards to be given at the annual conference.

Find the award nomination form here.