Excellence in Professional/Clinical Practice Award

2022 - No Recipient

Mariana K. Falconier, Ph.D., University of Maryland


Recognize excellence in community-based professional practice or clinical practice of Families and Health Section (FH) members conducted within the past two years aimed at improving the health of individuals, families, or communities. Excellence includes community-based professional practice or clinical practice informed by research and theory and that demonstrates positive health outcomes. There are many different types of professional practice and clinical practice. Some examples include: extension specialist or educator, home visitor, family development worker, community health worker, parenting educator, marriage and family therapist, nurse, physician or physician assistant.


  • $200 for reimbursement of travel expenses to participate in NCFR conference during the year the award is received
  • Regular NCFR conference registration fee
  • Plaque
  • FH section membership for the next year


  • A professional, which means the individual has been working in a field consistent with the mission of NCFR for three years or more, who conducts family health related community-based professional practice or clinical practice
  • A current member of NCFR and the FH Section; must maintain NCFR and FH section memberships through receipt of the award during the upcoming annual NCFR conference.

Nomination/Application Process

  • Past FH chair sends a notice to all FH Section members announcing the opportunity to submit an application for evaluation for this award.
  • Prior professional practice/clinical practice award winners are not eligible to apply.
  • Submit all application materials to Past FH Chair.

Application materials include:

  1. Cover page: Include title of professional practice, name, email address, phone number of nominee.
  2. Abstract: 200 word abstract that describes the professional/clinical practice and includes objectives, activities and demonstrated health related outcomes.
  3. Project narrative (up to 5 pages, double-spaced, 12 pt font, APA format). The narrative should include the following components:
    1. Description of the professional/clinical practice (include objectives, activities)
    2. Review of literature that demonstrates evidence based practice
    3. Health related outcomes associated with the professional/clinical practice
    4. Methods used to measure outcomes
    5. Case study that demonstrates excellence in practice
    6. Evidence of impact of the professional/clinical practice to the field and outcomes effected
    7. Important of the professional/clinical practice to the field of Families and Health
  4. List of references cited in the narrative (APA format)
  5. Two letters of support:
    • One letter from a colleague of the nominee who is in a position to comment on the quality and impact of the nominee’s professional/clinical practice.
    • One letter from an individual (e.g., client, participant) who directly benefitted from the nominee’s professional/clinical practice.
  6. Optional materials to include in the application:
    • Handout/brochure that describes an overview of the professional/clinical practice
    • Letter of reference from participants/patients who have benefitted from the professional/clinical practice
    • Published journal article, report, practice brief, conference presentation, etc. that documents evidence of the nominee’s scholarly practice

Deadline for Application

Application deadline June 1: Submit all materials to past section chair Amber J Majeske

Winner notified by August 15