Ernest G. Osborne Award

2023 Recipient – Eboni J. Baugh Ph.D., CFLE


The award is given in memory of Ernest G. Osborne, three-time NCFR President and Professor of Family at Teachers College at Columbia University. He excelled at innovative teaching methods.

The award, sponsored by the Family and Community Education Section, recognizes and encourages:

  • excellence in teaching of Family Science and distinguished service to families through teaching at any level;
  • outstanding teachers in the field of Family Science; and
  • individuals who have demonstrated outstanding leadership and excellence in the teaching of family relationships.


The recipient receives a $1,000 cash award, up to $500 in travel allowance, and a plaque. The award will be presented biennially (odd years) at the beginning of a plenary session at the NCFR Annual Conference.


The applicant should:

  • have rendered distinguished service to families through teaching at any educational level. The "teaching of family relationships" is defined as "education about and for improvement in interpersonal interaction between or among family members." It should be distinguished from broader or more explicit instructions, which may be of value in family relationships, but does not have relationships within the family as its principal focus. Examples of the latter are family finance, health education, and personal development;
  • have demonstrated excellence in learner-teacher relationships, including the qualities of empathy, acceptance of the individual, and active concern for the learner's total growth and development;
  • have shown interest in promoting dissemination of knowledge about improved teaching of family relationships (Family Life Education) and in lending status to the profession;
  • be a member of NCFR and currently engaged in teaching of family relationships; and
  • have a minimum of 10 years teaching experience.

Nomination/application process

Nominees may submit their own work or may be nominated by others.

A nominating committee will identify appropriate highly qualified individuals/groups as potential recipients of this award. The committee members will contact those identified and encourage applications for the award. This committee also will be available to nominees and those recommending potential award recipients for questions regarding the nomination process.

Applicant should include:

  • a one-page nomination letter;
  • a philosophy of teaching statement;
  • an abbreviated vitae that includes a listing of major contributions to the teaching of family studies (three-four pages); and
  • no more than three letters of support from colleagues and students who can speak to the nominee's teaching excellence.


May 1: Application deadline. Submit all materials to Maddie Hansen
July 31: The recipient will be notified by this date

The application form is downloadable here.