Feldman Internship Award

2023- No Recipient

2020 Recipient

Elizabeth C. Coppola, M.S., Purdue University



The award is presented in memory of Harold Feldman and Margaret Feldman, NCFR members who were pioneers in the field of family policy. It reflects an effort to increase the number of family policy researchers and practitioners engaged in policy-related activities. The award also serves to further encourage family policy as a career path for students and new professionals.


An award totally $250 and a certificate is given annually. Preference will be given to those applicants who have secured a policy-oriented internship that last for at least one academic semester. The internship award of $250 is given to only one individual each year. If there are no qualified applicants, the $250 is divided among at least two and no more than five students or new professionals who are presenting a paper or poster at the NCFR Annual Conference.


The award is designed for individuals currently enrolled in, accepted to, or who have recently completed (within the past twelve months) an internship in a federal, state, or local government, or other policy-related arena, such as private business, private non-profit organizations, or higher education.

Preference is given to applicants who are completing masters' or doctors' degrees, and to those whose activities have the potential for impacting research and practice in family policy. Applicants should:

  • hold current membership in NCFR and Family Policy Section
  • meet NCFR's definition of student or new professional;
    • if a student, be enrolled full time in an institution of higher learning; or
    • if a new professional, be not more than five years beyond most recent degree; and
  • be enrolled in or accepted into a policy-oriented internship program.

Nomination/application process

Applicants should provide:

  • internship site name, address, time frame for service, and position description (one paragraph);
  • personal goals and career objectives;
  • statement illustrating your interest in and commitment to family policy;
  • relevant personal achievement in the are of family policy and research (i.e., this could be through other professional and service activities);
  • anticipated or actual goals and accomplishment during the internship;
  • two letters of recommendation (i.e., one should be from a thesis or dissertation advisor, department or division chair, or faculty advisor, and the second should be from a faculty member in the applicant major academic field. 
  • current resume or curriculum vitae.


May 1: Application deadline. Submit your application materials to Membership.
July 31: The recipient will be notified by this date