John L. and Harriette P. McAdoo Dissertation Award

2022 Recipient – August Jenkins, Ph.D.


As eminent scholars and educators, Drs. John L. and Harriette P. McAdoo made significant contributions to the scholarship on ethnic minority families, especially our understanding of African Americans' familial experiences. John L. McAdoo was a founding member of the Racial and Ethnic Diversity in Families Section. Harriette P. McAdoo was the first recipient of the Marie Peters Award and became NCFR President in 1993. The purpose of this award is to provide support for the completion of an approved doctoral dissertation with a focus on issues impacting ethnic minority families.


The recipient is presented with a $450 cash award (presented in two allotments) and a plaque. A cash award of $225 and a plaque will be presented in the even years. The remaining $225 is given in odd years.

The award is presented biennially (even years) at the beginning of a plenary session at the NCFR Annual Conference. Recipients are expected to give an address that, among other things, provides a description of the dissertation research and its implications at a concurrent session at the following annual NCFR Annual Conference (odd years).


Nominees should be doctoral candidates who have completed the requirements to begin the dissertation process and demonstrated commitment to completing the project in a reasonable time. Their work should use familial relationships as the primary focus, highlight the central role ethnicity and culture play in family processes, and relate to the scholarly work of Drs. John L. and Harriette P. McAdoo.

In addition:

  • dissertation topics must demonstrate a contribution to the knowledge and understanding of ethnic minority families;
  • candidates must have, at the least, successfully defended the dissertation proposal (as indicated on their academic record or through a letter written from their academic advisor); and
  • candidates must have current membership in NCFR and the Racial and Ethnic Diversity in Families Section.

Nomination/application process

Nominees should submit:

  • a dissertation proposal summary that includes the research focus, research hypotheses and/or questions, and relevance to ethnic minority issues;
  • a personal letter from the candidate indicating why his/her research is deserving of the award;
  • two letters of support from faculty members in the candidate's current academic department. At least one letter must be from the dissertation director and confirm: 1) the student's progress toward completion of the dissertation; and 2) that the student has successfully defended the proposal; and
  • if the dissertation has been completed, the candidate should supply a copy of his/her diploma or final transcript; otherwise, the dissertation director's letter should identify a realistic projected date of completion; and
  • a current curriculum vitae.


June 1: Application deadline. Submit all materials to Membership.
July 31: The recipient is notified by this date.

The application form is downloadable here.