Karen Benjamin Guzzo

MINNEAPOLIS — The National Council on Family Relations' (NCFR) membership has elected Karen Benjamin Guzzo, Ph.D., as a new member-at-large on the NCFR Board of Directors. Dr. Guzzo is associate professor of sociology and associate director of the Center for Family & Demographic Research at Bowling Green State University.

Dr. Guzzo has been a member of NCFR for 17 years, and is a member of the organization's Family Policy Section and the Research and Theory Section. She is on the editorial board of NCFR's Journal of Family Theory & Review, and has published scholarly work in NCFR's journals.

"I would like to continue NCFR's strong record in bridging the worlds of family scholarship, student education, and clinical practice to continue its work supporting and strengthening families," Dr. Guzzo wrote in her candidate statement. "This entails working to ensure that NCFR's outreach activities reach across disciplines and foster open communication about the strengths and challenges facing today's families."

Dr. Guzzo and the other newly elected board members will assume their roles at the 2016 NCFR Annual Conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota, planned for Nov. 2-5.

The National Council on Family Relations is the premier professional association for the multidisciplinary understanding of families. NCFR has a membership of more than 3,000 family researchers, practitioners and educators. For more information on NCFR or its scholarly publications, contact NCFR at 1-888-781-9331 or visit its website at www.ncfr.org.