Elections Council

The NCFR Elections Council is elected by the full NCFR membership to gather nominations for the offices of the NCFR Board and other national offices of NCFR. It is responsible for preparing a slate of two candidates for each open slot who meet the selection criteria for each position. The Council has the prime responsibility within NCFR for weighing the merits of potential candidates. The NCFR bylaws further specify (Article XIV) that discrimination in elections and nomination procedures is forbidden. The NCFR Board of Directors retains the authority to set the policy of the Association regarding elections procedures consistent with the bylaws (Article IX: Section 1).

2020 NCFR Elections Council

  • Jodi B. Dworkin - Co-chair
  • Heather M. Helms - Co-chair
  • Cassandra Dorius
  • Ani Yazedjian
  • Lorey Ann Wheeler
  • Jenifer K. McGuire
  • April L. Few-Demo - NCFR Board Liaison (Ex-officio)
  • April Adamson, Executive Assistant and Board Liaison (Ex-officio)

NCFR Elections Process Information