Fellows Committee

The Fellows Committee is elected by the full NCFR membership to recommend to the Board the names of individuals to receive the honorary title of NCFR Fellow. The Board then bestows the title on NCFR members who are distinguished by their record of service and scholarship in the family field. The Fellows Committee is responsible to review and to act on applications for honorary Fellow Status in the NCFR.

2020 NCFR Fellows Committee

  • Spencer B. Olmstead - Co-chair
  • M. Elise Radina, CFLE - Co-chair
  • Sarah J. Schoppe-Sullivan
  • Jennifer L. Hardesty
  • Maureen A. Perry-Jenkins
  • Soyoung Lee - NCFR Board Liaison (Ex-officio)
  • April Adamson - NCFR Executive Assistant and Board Liaison (Ex-officio)

NCFR Fellow Status Nominations Information