Inclusion & Diversity Committee

The purpose of the Inclusion and Diversity Committee (IDC) is to (a) identify the inclusion and diversity strengths, issues, and opportunities within all aspects of NCFR; (b) develop strategies and plans to examine ways in which we include and exclude (however unintentionally) NCFR members; (c) systematically examine aspects of NCFR to enhance its effectiveness and ability to meet the needs of its diverse membership; and (d) respectfully celebrate and document the successes of inclusivity approaches. The IDC serves the NCFR Board of Directors by engaging our shared experiences, and promoting a community of respect that honors the humanity of all.

The Inclusion and Diversity Committee is an NCFR Board Committee. It is IDC's job to: (a) examine programs, activities, policies, publications, and practices to determine intentional or unintentional exclusivity; (b) make recommendations to the NCFR Board regarding best practices for inclusive and diverse organizations; (c) engage members in scholarly dialogues related to IDC matters; (d) raise member concerns about inclusion and diversity to the Board; and (e) make recommendations to the Board in external messaging.  

The IDC also offers an award: the Social Justice Award for Contributions to Family Science.

To send a message to the IDC, please use this webform.

2024 IDC Members

  • Tera Jordan - Co-chair
  • Lover L. M. Chancler - Co-chair
  • Genese C. Clark - Students & New Professionals Representative
  • Yolanda T. Mitchell
  • Norma J. Perez-Brena
  • Deadric T. Williams
  • Yoshie Sano
  • Meeshay Williams-Wheeler
  • Yan Ruth Xia, Board of Directors Liaison - Ex-officio
  • Alicia Jaworski, Director of Governance and Board Operations - Ex-officio

Resources from the IDC