Inclusion & Diversity Committee

The purpose of the Inclusion and Diversity Committee (IDC) is to (a) identify the inclusion and diversity strengths, issues, and opportunities within all aspects of NCFR; (b) develop strategies and plans to examine ways in which we include and exclude (however unintentionally) NCFR members; (c) systematically examine aspects of NCFR to enhance its effectiveness and ability to meet the needs of its diverse membership; and (d) respectfully celebrate and document the successes of inclusivity approaches. The IDC serves the NCFR Board of Directors by engaging our shared experiences, and promoting a community of respect that honors the humanity of all.

The Inclusion and Diversity Committee is an NCFR Board Committee. It is IDC's job to: (a) make recommendations regarding inclusive and diverse approaches, (b) examine programs, activities, policies, publications, and practices to determine intentional or unintentional exclusiveness, and (c) engage members in scholarly dialogues, in consultation with the NCFR Board of Directors.

The IDC also offers an award: the Social Justice Award for Contributions to Family Science.

To send a message to the IDC, please use this webform.

2024 IDC Members

  • Tera Jordan - Co-chair
  • Lover L. M. Chancler - Co-chair
  • Genese C. Clark - Students & New Professionals Representative
  • Yolanda T. Mitchell
  • Norma J. Perez-Brena
  • Deadric T. Williams
  • Yoshie Sano
  • Meeshay Williams-Wheeler
  • Yan Ruth Xia, Board of Directors Liaison - Ex-officio
  • Jane Reilly, Manager of Governance and Board Operations - Ex-officio

Resources from the IDC