NCFR Board Policy Governance

NCFR has three over-arching statements called Global Ends Policies that guide the work of NCFR staff and the Board of Directors.

Global Ends Policy #1

NCFR will provide opportunities for professional development and knowledge development in the areas of family research, theory, education, policy, and practice.

A. NCFR will provide ongoing education and training in scientific methods to understand families.

B. NCFR will provide opportunities for members to be on the forefront of research, theory, and practice on families. 

C. NCFR will facilitate networking among members in ways that enhance interdisciplinary dialogues, strategic partnerships, and mentoring relationships.

D. NCFR will provide information about the policymaking process and the impact of public policies on families.

Global Ends Policy #2

NCFR will support the dissemination and application of research- and theory-based information about the well-being of families.  

A. NCFR will encourage and facilitate the use of research-and theory-based family practice.

B. NCFR will encourage and facilitate the use of research- and theory-based family pedagogy.

C. NCFR will raise the visibility of family research, theory, and practice to policymakers and the general public.

Criteria for Advocacy (Criteria for Organizational Actions)

  • The issue is important for families and/or NCFR members.
  • The issue is informed by research and member expertise.
  • Members will be given an opportunity to provide guidance through broad membership engagement.
  • There is the potential for NCFR to make a timely contribution to the issue as a result of the proposed activity.
  • There are resources currently available within NCFR to support the proposed activity.
  • The proposed activity must not jeopardize our 501(c)(3) status, or non-profit classification.

Global Ends Policy #3

NCFR will represent the scholars and professionals in Family Science by establishing standards for research, education, and practice and by advocating for the development and advancement of the discipline and the professions of Family Science.

A. NCFR will develop and monitor standards for Family Science programs and Family Life Educators.

B. NCFR will infuse inclusion and diversity and international perspectives into all aspects of its mission, governance, programming, and professional practices.

C. NCFR will advocate for Family Science professionals.

D. NCFR will provide information and resources on career options and opportunities to its members.


NCFR members may access a PDF of the complete governance policy for the NCFR Board of Directors. You may be prompted to log in. Your username is most likely the email address you use for NCFR.