Fellows Committee

The Fellows Committee is elected by the full NCFR membership to recommend the honorary title of "NCFR Fellow" to the Board, which bestows the title on NCFR members distinguished by their record of service and scholarship in the family field. The members of the Fellows Committee serve a three-year term.


The Fellows Committee shall consist of five members elected by the membership serving staggered terms of three years. Where possible, the Fellows Committee will include two NCFR Fellows, with one rotating on and one rotating off each year. The Fellows Committee shall determine its own process for selecting its Chair (Co-Chair or Chair-Elect) at each annual meeting. Members of the Fellows Committee shall not be considered for Fellow Status while serving on the committee. Committee members may be re-elected.


To review and to act on applications for honorary Fellow Status in the NCFR. Each member of the Fellows Committee is expected to fulfill responsibilities as assigned, review NCFR Fellow candidate nominations, participate in conference calls as necessary, attend agreed upon meeting(s) during the NCFR Annual Conference, and refrain from conflicts of interest in the selection of NCFR Fellows

What is Fellow Status in NCFR?

Fellow status in NCFR is an honor awarded to relatively few living members on the basis of their outstanding contributions to the field of the family in the areas of scholarship, teaching, outreach or professional service, including service to NCFR. By definition, outstanding contributions are those which have broad impact on the field and are enduring over time.

What are the Criteria for Fellow Status?

  1. Nominees for Fellow Status must have made outstanding contributions to the field. Examples of outstanding contributions include, but are not limited to:
  • Published scholarship that has shaped or reshaped the field of family relations.
  • A history of innovation in practice or outreach that has transformed the field.
  • The development and implementation of innovative, novel or significant interventions or programs designed to promote healthy family relations.
  • The development and implementation of innovative curricula for training professionals in the area of family science.
  • The development and implementation of innovative social policy relevant to families.
  • Superior contributions to NCFR over time.
  1. At least 10 years of professional experience after the receipt of the appropriate graduate or professional degree.
  2. Been a member of NCFR for at least 5 continuous years at the time of nomination.