Section Chairs and Section Officers

The Section Chairs and Officers of the National Council on Family Relations serve a two-year term. Their primary responsibilities are:

  1. Member of the Annual Conference Program Planning Committee. Attend Program Committee meetings during the Annual Conference and in the spring.
  2. Write articles for the NCFR REPORT
  3. Preside at Section Membership Business Meeting during NCFR Annual Conference
  4. Submit Section annual reports to NCFR Headquarters as requested
  5. Consult with Section Officers/Executive committees and call meetings as deemed necessary.
  6. Set up Section Sub€'Committees
  7. Monitor any Section€'sponsored awards
  8. Oversee any Focus Groups sponsored by the Section
  9. Oversee any Section Publications
  10. Communicate with Section members
  11. Oversees selection of Section Nominating Committee
  12. Attend Section Chairs meeting at Annual Conference
  13. Preside over Section Business Meeting at Annual Conference
  14. Attemd Newcomers Reception representing the Section
  15. Attend NCFR Annual Business Meeting

Responsibilities of Officers

The specific offices of each Section and their related responsibilities are defined in the By-laws of each Section