Students and New Professionals Board Representative

The Students and New Professionals representative serves a two-year term as a voting member of the Board of Directors.

Primary Responsibilities

  1. Participate in Board Orientation prior to coming onto the Board. Attend two face to face NCFR Board Meetings and be available for monthly conference calls
  2. Write articles for the NCFR Report
  3. Assist in networking students and new professionals
  4. Suggest names for positions for Students and New Professionals Board Representative-elect and Students and New Professionals Program Representative
  5. Chair NCFR Student Award Committee and Cindy Winter Scholarship Award Committee
  • Solicit nominations through NCFR Report, NCFR Zippy News, SNP discussion group and letters to universities and colleges
  • Acknowledge applications as they arrive and send letters to approved candidates requesting supporting data
  • Prepare supporting data for blind review and send to committee members
  • Score each candidate on grid as votes come in from committee members; add up the total scores to determine the winner
  • Notify the winning Students and New Professionals; solicit biographical data and photo to be sent to NCFR headquarters to be published in the NCFR Report. Notify the committee members with name of winner
  • Send letters of congratulations/regret to each candidate and nominator.
  • Prepare news release about award winner; send to NCFR Headquarters for distribution.
  • Present award during Annual Conference

6. Annual Conference Responsibilities

  • Attend SNP Leadership Council Meeting
  • Attend Newcomers' Welcome
  • Attend SNP Networking Session
  • Attend NCFR Annual Business Meeting
  • Be available for consultation with Students and New Professionals.