CFLE-Approved Online Course Listing

Following is a list of online academic courses approved to cover the content areas required for the Certified Family Life Educator (CFLE) designation. Courses are organized by CFLE content area.

For information on submitting a course for inclusion go to CFLE-approved online course submission process.

NCFR provides this listing of CFLE-approved online courses in an effort to meet the needs of students enrolled at CFLE-approved programs who are unable to complete one or more CFLE-approved courses at their school. The CFLE-approved online course listing provides a way for students to complete a CFLE-approved course at another institution.

Note: These courses have only been approved to meet the CFLE requirement; it is the student's responsibility to determine whether the course(s) are accepted for credit toward his or her degree requirements.

Courses by content area -

Email Dawn Cassidy for information on these CFLE-approved online courses.

Families and Individuals in Societal Context

  • APU CHFD 225 Introduction to the Family

Internal Dynamics of Families

  • BYU SFL 160 Intro to Family Processes

Human Growth and Development Across the Life Span

  • APU CHFD 342 Human Life Span Development
  • UNH FS 535 Human Development
  • MSU HDFS 225 Lifespan Human Development in the Family

Human Sexuality

  • APU CHFD 220 Human Sexuality
  • CMU HDF 213 Human Sexuality
  • UNH FS 746 Human Sexuality
  • MSU HDFS 445 Human Sexuality
  • Messiah HDFS 244 Human Sexuality

Interpersonal Relationships

  • APU CHFD 445 Family Communication
  • MSU HDFS 444 Interpersonal Relationships in the Family

Family Resource Management

  • APU CHFD 360 Family Resource Management
  • BYU SFL 260 Family Finance
  • UNH FS 553 Personal and Family Finance
  • WSU CHF 2100 Family Resource Management

Parent Education and Guidance

  • APU CHFD 331 Parenting
  • BYU SFL 240 Parenting and Child Guidance
  • MSU HDFS 414 Parenting
  • WSU CHF 3550 Parenting Education

Family Law and Public Policy

  • APU CHFD 446 Families and Social Action
  • MSU HDFS 448 Family Policy

Professional Ethics and Practice

  • Messiah EDUC 356 Moral Education

Family Life Education

  • APU CHFD 350 Family Life Education