CFLE Course Checklists by School

To find course checklists that have been approved by the Certified Family Life Educator Academic Program Review Committee, see the degree program listings in NCFR's online Degree Programs Guide.

CFLE-approved programs offer coursework that meets the standards and criteria needed for the CFLE credential, and allows students to apply for CFLE certification through the CFLE-approved program process because of the academic coursework they've completed (rather than by taking an exam).

For more information on review of academic programs, see our academic program approval webpage.

The CFLE-approved program application is only available to graduates who complete CFLE-approved coursework after their school's program was approved by NCFR. (The program approval date is noted on the school's checklist.) Graduates who completed an older version of their school's curriculum should email Emily Vang for advising.

Graduates must apply through the CFLE-approved program process within two years of their graduation, and CFLE-approved coursework must have been completed no more than seven years prior to graduation.