CFLE Advisory Board

The Certified Family Life Educator (CFLE) Advisory Board's mission is to provide leadership for the ongoing development of the CFLE program as a method to advance and promote Family Life Education as an important and emerging profession.

The CFLE Advisory Board consists of nine voluntary members whose primary responsibility is to develop and implement policies regarding the promotion and advancement of the CFLE program. Each member serves a two-, three-, or four-year term with a minimum of two members being replaced each year. Elected positions include: practitioner representatives, academic representatives, an employer representative, and a Students and New Professionals (SNP) representative.

CFLE Advisory Board Members

Dorothy Berglund, Mississippi University for Women

Robyn Cenizal, National Resource Center for Healthy Marriage and Families

Lisa Krause, Parent Coach

Melinda Markham, Kansas State University

Julianne McGill, Auburn University

Susan Meyerle, Life Resources

Jennifer Reinke, Colorado State University

Michael Walcheski, Concordia University St. Paul

Cynthia Wilson, Florida Center for Prevention Research