The National Council on Family Relations sponsors the Certified Family Life Educator (CFLE) credential and provides approval for applicable educational programs to provide CFLE continuing education credits. If your program would be of interest to those who have received the CFLE credential, consider applying for CFLE continuing education approval. If approved, attendees can earn credit for participating in your meeting, webinar, conference, course, or other professional development event. Ongoing events can be approved for up to 3 years. The credit can be used as part of CFLE’s 5-year recertification application and to meet other CFLE professional development needs.

Looking for credit hours?


Get Your Event Approved for CFLE Continuing Education Credit

If you are interested in having your program approved for CFLE continuing education credit, please complete the Continuing Education Credit Application Form. After submitting the application form, you will be directed to the NCFR store to complete payment.

NCFR's local affiliate council CE application fees will be waived as a benefit of their affiliate membership. NCFR state and regional affiliate councils and student affiliates allow professionals and students to engage with others in their local area who share their professional interests, exchanging ideas and engaging in ways to strengthen family relationships on a local level. Find out more about NCFR's local Affiliate Councils

Submission Deadline

The form should be submitted to NCFR approximately five weeks prior to the event to allow time for the event to be promoted as an event offering CFLE continuing education credits. Please allow three weeks for review.

Review Fees for CFLE Continuing Education Credit  

  • $35 for a Single-Day Event 

  • $55 for a Multi-Day Event


Continuing education activities must cover at least two of the 10 Family Life Education content areas. The content areas in which you may receive credit are the same as those established for the certification program:  

1. Families and Individuals in Societal Contexts  

2. Internal Dynamics of Families  

3. Human Growth and Development  

4. Human Sexuality  

5. Interpersonal Relationships  

6.  Family Resource Management  

7.  Parent Education and Guidance  

8.  Family Law and Public Policy  

9.  Professional Ethics & Practice  

10. FLE Methodology

Determine Amount of Credit/Hours

One continuing education credit equals 60 minutes or one hour. To determine the number of continuing education credits completed, divide the presentation time by 60 (one continuing education credit = 60 minutes). For example, if your workshop is 360 minutes long, divide 360 by 60 to determine the number of continuing education credits. This workshop example would be approved for six continuing education credits. Hours must be rounded to the nearest half or whole hour. 

Learn more about continuing education requirements for CFLEs.