The National Council on Family Relations sponsors the Certified Family Life Educator credential and provides approval for continuing education credits for applicable educational programs. If your program would be of interest to those who have received the CFLE credential, consider applying for CFLE continuing education credits. Attendees can earn credit for attending your meeting or participating in online courses. The credit can be used as part of their certification renewal.

Check the NCFR Events Calendar for future CFLE-approved events, or see ongoing CFLE-approved meetings.

Get your meeting approved for credit

If you are interested in having your program approved, please complete the application form below to get your meeting approved to offer continuing education credit. Attach a copy of the program or a preliminary outline. Be sure to include a time schedule for each session including breaks, meals, and the total number of presentation minutes.

Submission deadline

The form should be submitted to the NCFR office approximately four weeks prior to the event to allow time for the meeting to be promoted as CFLE-approved. Please allow three weeks for review.

Determine amount of credit/hours

To determine the number of contact hours completed, simply add up the total number of minutes of presentation time and divided by 60 (one contact hour = 60 minutes). For example, if your workshop is a total of 365 minutes, you would take 365 divided by 60, which equals approximately 6. So the workshop time would be approved for six contact hours. Note that we do not approve fractional hours.

It takes 10 of these contact hours to equal 1 continuing education unit (CEU). Learn more about continuing education requirements for CFLEs here.

There is no fee for CFLE continuing education approval.