Ongoing CFLE-Approved Meetings

The following ongoing courses are approved for continuing education for the Certified Family Life Educator (CFLE) credential. In order to maintain certification, applicants must accrue a total of 100 Contact Hours or 10 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) within a five-year period. Learn more about recertification


National Council on Family Relations Annual Conference

(Contact Hours/CEUs will be listed later)

Nov. 20–23, 2019  |  Fort Worth, Texas

You can also earn continuing education credit by attending the conference online via live streaming.


National Council on Family Relations Webinars - Live and Archived

(Contact Hours/CEUs vary)

Location: Online

NCFR-sponsored webinars that cover a variety of topics and content areas can be watched live or viewed later for continuing education credit ("Tips for Applying for CFLE Program Approval" and all NCFR Annual Conference "How to" webinars are not eligible for credit). Contact Maddie Hansen for more information.


Military Families Learning Network

Home Is Where Your Heart Is | Kids Serve Too!

Approved for 1.5 CFLE contact hours

Kids Serve Too

In this 90-minute webinar, representatives from the Sesame Street Workshop will address potential child concerns and developmentally appropriate responses to relocation transitions, explore resources that caregivers can use when addressing these concerns, and provide useful tips in navigating the resources related to this topic on the Sesame Street for Military Families website. More information and registration.


6 Steps to Starting & Growing Your Professional Family Life Practice 

(Approved for up to 16 Contact Hours / 1.6 CEUs)

Starting a Family Life Education practice may seem like an overwhelming idea, unless you understand what steps to take, and how to move from step to step. This multimedia learning experience features six modules, each with topic-focused lessons in audio, video, and handouts. You can register for the entire course, or the modules one-by-one. Presented by Jody Johnston Pawel, LSW, CFLE. Learn more.


University of Minnesota Extension Center for Family Development

  • Developmental Parenting Highway Online Course (Approved for 1 CFLE Contact Hours / 0.1 CEUs)
    This free class teaches the four positive aspects of middle-of-the-road “driving” on the developmental parenting highway, and the best strategies for preventing overindulgence as children grow and develop. Learn more.


Practical Parent Education Training

(Approved for 14 Contact Hours / 1.4 CEU)

Location: Varies, but typically in the state of Texas

Practical Parent Education's 2-day core training uses evidence-informed curriculum to train those who work with parents/families in schools, agencies, mental health offices, or courts. It covers subject matter in the following family life education content areas: Families and Individuals in Societal Contexts, Internal Dynamics of Families, Human Growth and Development Across the Lifespan, Human Sexuality, Interpersonal Relationships, Family Resource Management, Parent Education and Guidance, and Family Life Education Methodology. Contact: Kent Kramer


Hospice Foundation of America

(Approved for 2 Contact Hours / 0.2 CEUs)

Location: Various

These programs are 2-hour training sessions facilitated by a licensed funeral director. Contact Kristen Nanjundaram at Hospice Foundation of America to find a funeral director near you who offers the program.  website:


BC Council for Families

  • Integrated Strategies for Home Visiting (Approved for 26 Contact Hours / 2.6 CEUs)
    This four-day course is designed for practitioners working in home visiting programs. Participants will acquire new skills for motivating and communicating with parents of infants and young children (ages 0-6). Contact Jennifer Westby.


National Resource Center for Healthy Marriage and Families

Free online training courses for providers of family social services. 


The Ounce of Prevention Fund: Home Visiting

(Contact Hours/CEUs vary)

Location: Online

The online training courses listed below are designed specifically for home visiting professionals nationwide. If you're interested in more details for a specific class, please email Mary Kate McGarry.

Home Visiting: Foundations for Practice 

  • Basics of Home Visiting (Approved for 2.5 Contact Hours / .25 CEUs)
  • Being Present with Families (Approved for 1 Contact Hour / .1 CEU)
  • Home Visiting Boundaries (Approved for 1 Contact Hour / .1 CEU)
  • Home Visiting Safety (Approved for 1 Contact Hour / .1 CEUs)
  • Promoting Effective Parenting with Motivational Interviewing (Approved for 1 Contact Hour / .1 CEU)

Building Relationships: Engaging and Partnering with Families 

  • Building Engaging and Collaborative Relationships with Families (Approved for 2.5 Contact Hours / .25 CEUs)

Substance Abuse in Home Visiting 

  • Challenges in Home Visiting: Substance Abuse (Approved for 3 Contact Hours / .3 CEUs)
  • Partnering for Change: Having the Conversation (Approved for 1 Contact Hour / .1 CEU)
  • Understanding Substance Abuse through the Family’s Lens (Approved for 1 Contact Hour / .1 CEU)

Domestic Violence in Home Visiting 

  • Domestic Violence in Home Visiting  (Approved for 3 Contact Hours / .3 CEUs)
  • Domestic Violence: Safety Planning (Approved for 1 Contact Hour / .1 CEU)
  • The Impact of Domestic Violence on Children (Approved for 1 Contact Hour / .1 CEU)

Infant Mental Health in Home Visiting

  • Foundations of Infant Mental Health Practice in Home Visiting (Approved for 2.5 Contact Hours / .25 CEUs)
  • Exploring Values and Beliefs around Parenting (Approved for 1 Contact Hour / .1 CEU)
  • Matching Family Needs to Resources (Approved for 1 Contact Hour / .1 CEU)

Home Visiting: Families During Pregnancy series

  • Home Visiting with Families during Pregnancy (Approved for 6 Contact Hours / .6 CEUs)

Home Visiting: Trauma-Informed Practice series

  • Impact of Trauma in Home Visiting (Approved for 2.5 Contact Hours / .25 CEUs)
  • Trauma in Families and Communities (Approved for 1 Contact Hour / .1 CEU)

Home Visiting: Trauma-Informed Practice for Supervisors series

  • Impact of Trauma in Supervising Home Visitors (Approved for 2.5 Contact Hours / .25 CEUs)
  • Trauma for Supervisors: Putting the Pieces Together (Approved for 1 Contact Hour / .1 CEU)

Home Visiting Supervisor: Foundations for Practice series

  • Supervising Home Visitors (Approved for 2.5 Contact Hours / .25 CEUs)
  • Implementing Tools to Enhance Home Visiting (Approved for 1 Contact Hour / .1 CEU)
  • Maintaining Boundaries in Home Visiting for Supervisors (Approved for 1 Contact Hour / .1 CEU)
  • Reflective Supervision (Approved for 1 Contact Hour / .1 CEU)


The Indiana Youth Institute offers two ongoing programs

Contact: Julie Whitman - [email protected] for more information on each offering.

  • Engaging Older Youth (Approved for 5 Contact Hours / .5 CEUs) Objectives of Activity/Program: 1) Understand youth development principles for secondary education students; 2) Learn strategies to engage and retain older youth through homework help, independent studies, and projects. 3) Learn strategies to promote positive staff-teen relationships.
  • Supporting English Language Learners (Approved for 5 Contact Hours / .5 CEUs) Objectives: 1) Understand the stages of language acquisition, the relationship between oral language and literacy, and how programs can support language learning for youth and their families; 2) Learn how to create a supportive learning environment and use language-stretching games and learner-centered activities to engage youth and their families; 3) develop techniques that help build partnerships with school leaders, teachers, district and organization leaders, and communities to make their programs a powerful resource for ELL youth and families.

Parents Toolshop offers a number of trainings and programs for more information on each offering.

  • Basic T.I.P.S.(Tools for Improving Parenting Success) Home StudyApproved for 18 Contact Hours / 1.8 CEUs
  • Advanced T.I.P.S.(Tools for Improving Parenting Success) Home Study Approved for 30 Contact Hours / 3.0 CEUs
  • Advanced T.I.P.S.(Tools for Improving Parenting Success) Home Study Approved for 28-30 Contact Hours / 2.8 or 3.0 CEUs
  • Group Facilitator Certification Training (Online) Approved for 18 Contact Hours / 1.8 CEUs
  • Group Facilitator Certification Training (Live)  Approved for 17 Contact Hours / 1.7 CEUs
  • 6 Steps to Starting & Growing Your Professional Family Life Practice  Approved for 16 Contact Hours / 1.6 CEUs