CFLE Annual Maintenance Fee

To maintain your Certified Family Life Educator (CFLE) credential, all CFLEs (excluding emeritus) must pay the CFLE annual fee, due in their certification month. This fee helps cover the costs of the newsletter CFLE Network, the CFLE directory, the CFLE online discussion group, CFLE Conversations, and general program maintenance and marketing.

The annual maintenance fee for 2024 is $92 for NCFR members and $118 for nonmembers. Financial assistance is available from the CFLE Scholarship Fund for CFLEs who demonstrate a need.

Please note: The CFLE annual fee is separate from membership in the National Council on Family Relations. If you are an NCFR member, you will receive a membership renewal notice each year around the time that you originally joined NCFR.

Retired CFLEs

A retired category is available to CFLEs who are no longer actively working in Family Life Education but wish to maintain connection with the CFLE program. Retired CFLEs do not need to submit continuing education credits. They continue to receive the CFLE newsletter, Network, and can subscribe to the CFLE online discussion group. Retired CFLEs are identified as CFLE-Retired and are not permitted to market themselves as an active CFLE. The annual maintenance fee for retired CFLEs for 2024 is $63 for NCFR members and $90 for nonmembers. 

If you are interested in pursuing retired status please contact [email protected] before paying your current CFLE Recertification or CFLE Annual fee.

CFLE Emeritus Status

CFLE Emeritus Status is distinct from retired status. Emeritus is an honorary status awarded annually to a small number of retired CFLEs who have made significant contributions to the field of Family Life Education. Emeritus status recognizes the awardee's continued commitment to the field and life-time affiliation with the CFLE credential.