CFLE Emeritus Status

List of Current Emeritus CFLEs

Certified Family Life Educator (CFLE) Emeritus standing is an honorary status awarded annually to a small number of retired CFLEs who have demonstrated extensive involvement in the practice of Family Life Education.  A CFLE may nominate themselves for Emeritus status or be nominated by another active CFLE.

Emeritus status recognizes the awardee’s continued commitment to the field and life-time affiliation with the CFLE program. Emeritus designees will continue to receive the CFLE Network and will be included in the online directory of Certified Family Life Educators. Once designated Emeritus status, the CFLE will no longer need to earn continuing education credits. Emeritus status is permanent; you cannot reapply for Full status at a future date.

Emeritus Status Criteria

A nominee for Emeritus status must:

  • Be an active CFLE at the time of application
  • Have been an active Certified Family Life Educator for at least 10 years
  • Have a minimum of 10 years of experience in Family Life Education
  • Be officially retired from their main occupation (but may still work up to 20 paid hours per week)
  • Have made a meaningful contribution to the practice of Family Life Education through sustained involvement including teaching, development of materials and publications, awards, grants, development of a program or curriculum, non-profit initiatives, and/or policy work, etc.

Examples of sustained involvement include, but are not limited to, a history of involvement in:

  • workshop presentations in an area of Family Life Education
  • publication including articles, newsletters, books, blogs, research, curricula development and implementation of interventions or programs designed to promote healthy family relations
  • teaching and advising on the development and implementation of curricula for training professionals in the area of Family Life Education
  • the development of social policy relevant to families
  • A consistent record of superior contributions to NCFR and/or the CFLE program.

Applicant/nominee must submit the following:

  1. An abbreviated vita/resume (maximum three pages) highlighting involvement in Family Life Education
  2. Letter of support addressing the following: (Please limit to one page).
    1. How the author knows the applicant? Why, based on the criteria for NCFR CFLE Emeritus status, do they think the applicant is deserving?
  3. Narrative and supporting documentation addressing the following:
  • History of involvement in the practice of Family Life Education
    Describe the work you have done in your practice as a Family Life Educator i.e. classes taught, group facilitation, programs developed, direct work with families, etc.
  • Evidence of positive outcomes of practice
    What outcomes / impact have occurred as a result of your work in the practice of Family Life Education i.e. number of families reached, summary of evaluation data, other outputs?
  • Supporting documentation
    Documentation of your involvement in Family Life Education and the impact that has occurred as a result of your work in the practice of Family Life Education. Supporting documents might include examples of:
    • Community-based programs or college courses taught
    • Presentations or educational curricula developed
    • Articles, books, newsletters written
    • Data on the number of families reached
    • Teaching evaluations, program evaluation summaries or reports
    • Grant funding obtained to support Family Life Education programming

Evaluation criteria will include readability of overall application. The application should be comprehensive, organized, well-written, and free of grammatical and typing error.

  • Pay a one-time fee of $195, if approved
  • Active membership in the National Council on Family Relations is preferred, but not required (Emeritus status for NCFR membership is available as well)

To apply for Emeritus status please email the requested information to Jessica Oswald.

List of Current Emeritus CFLEs