Reinstatement of the CFLE Designation After Forfeiture

The CFLE designation will be forfeited under the following conditions:

  • Non-payment of the CFLE Annual fee
  • Failure to submit continuing education credits and the Recertification fee every five years
  • For Provisional CFLEs, failure to submit evidence of sufficient work experience at the end of the five year Provisional period

Forfeited CFLEs may reinstate their designation by paying any back fees, or the Reinstatement fee (whichever is less). See CFLE Fees for current rates. In addition, they must submit any continuing education or work experience information, and related fees, that would have been due had they not forfeited.

Please contact Maddie Hansen by email or at 888-781-9331 at the NCFR office if you are interested in reinstating your CFLE designation.