CFLE Conversations – What do you want to talk about?

/ CFLE Network, Fall 2021

NCFR will hold multiple CFLE Conversations sessions in 2022. We’d like your help in planning them. 

CFLE Conversations was launched in 2021 as a new benefit for CFLEs. The one-hour online networking sessions provide an opportunity for CFLEs who work in specific areas to connect with each other. Each session has a facilitator, but the format is open discussion. Participants can discuss challenges and successes and share ideas, tips, and advice with each other. These events are free to all current CFLEs.  

In 2021 we held CFLE Conversations on the following topics and settings: CFLEs working with military families, families impacted by mental illness, parenting education, community collaboration, and domestic violence prevention and substance use prevention.  

CFLE Conversations will be held in most months in 2022 starting in January. Potential settings and topics will focus on CFLEs working in the following areas: Marriage and Relationship Education; Adoption and Foster Care; Homeless Populations; Workforce Development/Job Skills; Entrepreneurs/Self-employed; and Incarceration.  

Are those topics you are interested in? Are there other settings or topics you would like to see discussed? If you are interested in meeting with other CFLEs working in your area, and/or would like to be a session facilitator, contact Dawn Cassidy at [email protected]. You can find more information about CFLE Conversations on the NCFR website at