CFLE Voices from the Field

/ CFLE Network, Fall 2021

Dear CFLE Colleagues,

We invite practicing CFLEs who have not published in Network before to submit a 250- to 500-word response to the following writing prompt relevant to the theme of the Winter 2022 issue, Community Partnerships & Collaboration.

Writing Prompt for Winter 2022—Community Partnerships and Collaboration

This issue of CFLE Network will address Community Partnerships and Collaboration. According to Block (2018), a community is a place or setting that creates a sense of “connection from which we can become grounded and experience a sense of safety that arises from a place where we are emotionally, spiritually, and psychologically a member” (p. 2). Further, “community exists for the sake of belonging, and takes its identity from the gifts [i.e., diverse strengths], generosity, and accountability of [members for one another’s well-being]” (p. 30).

To paraphrase Block (2018), we create community, so we have a place to focus on the “possibilities of an alternative future for our community … committed to the well-being of all its members” (p. 67). Community is a place where it is safe for members to express doubts and reservations about the proposed alternative future and a place for members to achieve consensus regarding the proposed future and strategies for achieving it.

In about 250 to 500 words, please state your definition of community or community partnerships, or collaboration.

Please review Network author guidelines at

Notify Beth Morgan, CFLE Voices From the Field Editor, by email ([email protected]) of your intent to submit a response by December 1, 2021 (Intent to Submit Deadline) and include one or two sentences about the content of your response. Note: Your completed 250- to 500-word response is due by the submission deadline of December 15. You may also email Beth Morgan with questions or for more information. Thank you.