CFLE in the News — Spring 2021

/ CLFE Network, Spring 2021

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CFLE in the News Spring 2021
From left: Dr. James's book, Dr. Hildreth's book, Marcie Parker, and Ted Futris

CFLEs as Authors and Editors

Gladys Hildreth, Ph.D., a CFLE for more than 30 years(!), recently published Leaving No One Behind: How Education Moved an African American Family From the Fields of Poverty to Living the American Dream, available through Amazon. The book provides information on the importance of good interpersonal family communication when identifying resources to fund college education, how successful African American families can aid struggling students, and the value of obtaining a college education in overcoming poverty.

CFLE Anthony G. James, Jr., Ph.D., has authored the textbook, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), A Practical Guide. Published by Cognella, the book provides readers with an effective model for fostering DEI within a variety of contexts. It equips any grouping of individuals with a desire to advance issues of DEI with the ability to clearly articulate their goals and then strategically move toward them.

Marcie Parker, Ph.D., CFLE, served as Editor for a special issue of Issues in Mental Health Nursing, see the December 2020 “Introduction to the Gambling Disorder Special Issue,” IMHN, 41:12, published by Taylor & Francis. This special issue looks at gambling disorder as a possible significant comorbidity with substance use disorders, anxiety, depression, panic attacks, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, severe legal and financial family issues, health problems due to stress, prison time, and homelessness, as well as suicidal ideation and attempts. These are all significant health and behavioral factors that impact families, partners, children, workplaces, and communities.


CFLE Receives NCFR Fellow Status

Congratulations to Ted G. Futris, Ph.D., CFLE, for receiving NCFR Fellow status. In 2018, Dr. Futris was a corecipient (along with NCFR Fellow Francesca Adler-Baeder, Ph.D., CFLE) of NCFR’s Margaret E. Arcus Family Life Educator Award. Ted is the current editor of NCFR’s Family Focus, a section of the NCFR Report.


Multiple CFLEs Elected to NCFR Leadership Positions

The following CFLEs have been elected to fill positions within the leadership of NCFR: Francesca Adler-Baeder, Ph.D., CFLE, Fellows Committee; Sarah Mitchell, Ph.D., CFLE, Students and New Professional Representative for the Inclusion and Diversity Committee; and Sharon M. Ballard, Ph.D., CFLE, Elections Council. CFLEs elected to Section Officer positions include Janeal M. White, M.S., CFLE, Students and New Professionals Representative for the Family Policy Section; Bethany Willis Hepp, Ph.D., CFLE, Secretary/Treasurer for the International Section; Haley Sherman, M.S., CFLE, Secretary/Treasurer for the Religion, Spirituality, and Family Section; and Ashley Ermer, Ph.D., CFLE, Secretary/Treasurer for the Research and Theory Section. Congratulations to all!


Five Programs Renew Their CFLE-Approved Program Status

The following undergraduate programs have renewed their status as NCFR CFLE-approved programs: Baylor University, Child & Family Studies; John Brown University, Family & Human Services; State University of New York—Oneonta, Human Development & Family Studies; Syracuse University, Human Development & Family Science; and University of Northern Iowa, Family Services. A full list of CFLE-approved programs can be accessed through NCFR’s Degree Program’s Guide:

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