CFLE in the News: Winter 2019

/ CFLE Network, Winter 2019

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CFLE Special Recognition Award

Justin M. Petkus, MS, CFLE, CCLS, was presented with the 2018 CFLE Special Recognition Award at the CFLE Reception in San Diego in recognition for his important work in bringing recognition to Family Life Education as an appropriate and effective approach to home visiting and his advocacy for global Family Life Education. Congratulations Justin!


CFLE Emeritus

Three long-time CFLEs have received CFLE Emeritus status in recognition of their contributions to the field of Family Life Education. Recipients include Arminta Jacobson, Ph.D., CFLE, certified since 1992; James J. Ponzetti, Ph.D., CFLE, certified since 1995; and Janice Weber, Ph.D., CFLE, certified since 1992.


CFLE-Approved Academic Program Renewals

Two CFLE-approved programs have recently renewed their status for an additional 5-year period: the Human Development and Family Studies undergraduate program at the University of Nevada, Reno, and the Family and Consumer Sciences graduate program at Western Michigan University. Twenty-eight CFLE-approved programs are due for renewal in 2019.


Award Recipients

Raeann R. Hamon, Ph.D., CFLE, and Bill Anderson, Ph.D., CFLE, were each presented with a Cognella Innovation in Teaching Award for Family Science at the 2018 NCFR Annual Conference. Publisher Cognella and NCFR partnered to create the award, which recognizes outstanding instructors in the Family Science discipline who go above and beyond to introduce cutting-edge teaching practices that engage their students and advance the discipline.

Two CFLEs received awards from NCFR focus groups. E. Jeffrey Hill, Ph.D., CFLE, was one of three authors recognized by the Family Economics Focus Group for Best Family Economics Paper “How Do Money, Sex, and Stress Influence Marital Stability?” Bryan Cafferky, Ph.D., CFLE, received the Issues in Aging Focus Group Award—Student and New Professional for “Risk Markers Associated With Caregiver Elder Abuse: A Meta-Analytic Study.”


CFLEs as Authors

Mihaela Robila, Ph.D., CFLE, and Alan C. Taylor, Ph.D., CFLE, are the editors of Global Perspectives on Family Life Education, published by Springer. Many of the chapter authors are CFLEs as well.

CFLEs Áine Humble, Ph.D., and Elise Radina, Ph.D., have edited the Routledge publication, How Qualitative Data Analysis Happens. Moving Beyond “Themes Emerged.”