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CFLE Network: LGBTQ Families and Individuals

Winter 2020

NCFR is proud to present its latest issue of CFLE Network, the newsletter for Certified Family Life Educators. This issue's topic is LGBTQ families and individuals.

Visit this page for the PDF of the complete issue.

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  • How Do You Support LGBTQ+ Families in Community Work? —  by Patrice Powers-Barker, CFLE
  • Simple Solutions to Create Inclusive and Welcoming Training Material — by Greta L. Stuhlsatz, Ph.D., CFLE, and Ashley B. Taylor, Ph.D.
  • The Invisibility of Same-Sex Divorce — by Aaron Hoy, Ph.D.
  • From Oppression to Opportunity: Disrupting Social Stigma and Affirming LGBTQ Families — by Bethany Novotny, Ph.D., CFLE, and Tiffany Angaran
  • Homelessness in LGBTQ+ Young Adults: Understanding Perspectives and the Role of Service Providers — by Julia Matos, B.S., Mackenzie Kent, B.S., Libby Rianda, B.S., Bridget A. Walsh, Ph.D., CFLE, and Sarah N. Mitchell, Ph.D., CFLE-P
  • A Study of Seventh-day Adventist Parents and Their Responses to Their LGBTQ+ Child’s Coming Out — by David Sedlacek, Ph.D., LMSW, CFLE, and René Drumm, Ph.D., MSW
  • Intersectionality Can Assist Certified Family Life Educators Gain Deeper Understanding of Their Clients’ Life Experiences — Editor’s note by Elizabeth L. Morgan, Ph.D., CFLE
  • Parental Acceptance and Support of LGBTQIA+ Youth: Key Factors for LGBTQIA+ Youth to Live Quality Lives Through Adulthood — by Keonna Freeman, M.S., CFLE
  • Black on the Outside — by DeShanna Neal, B.S.
  • LGBTQ Families and Individuals Resources — by article authors