Letter From the Editor

Beth Magistad, Ph.D., CFLE, Network Editor
/ CFLE Network, Winter 2023

Beth Magistad

When we chose the theme Leaning Into Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Family Life Education, I anticipated that the topic had lots of practical application possibilities for both faculty and practitioners of Family Life Education (FLE). As it turned out, all of the contributing authors for this issue of Network work in higher education. The articles in this issue cover a range of interesting topics related to teaching, research and community engagement by academics. Clearly diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) is a topic with which Certified Family Life Educators (CFLEs) in colleges and universities are engaged.  

Now we ask ourselves, why were all of the submissions by CFLEs in higher education? Should we attribute it to the theme? We know that CFLEs in nonacademic settings are also engaged with DEI; but perhaps, the phrase “diversity, equity and inclusion” did not resonate? Or perhaps it was not about this specific theme but more generally about the way we write the calls for articles or the process for submitting articles?  

Practitioners are an important audience for the CFLE program, so we would like to encourage more practitioners to contribute to the Network. We highly value the articles written by faculty; however, we would like a balance of articles in order for Network to be as useful as possible for all CFLEs.  

I would love some feedback on what would make it easier or more motivating for you practitioners out there to submit articles for future issues, so send your ideas and suggestions to [email protected]

Our Spring 2023 theme is Using Family Life Education to Address the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Crisis. Once again, I believe that this topic has many potential practical applications. We encourage practitioners to submit an article. Not sure where to start?  Consider submitting a “Voices From the Field.” These are shorter, more informal articles based on personal experience working as a CFLE in the field. We would love to highlight a variety of “voices” in every issue of Network. We invite you to address the following: Brief description of your FLE organization, program or service including the mission or goal, target audience and funding source, greatest challenge and/or greatest success, best advice to someone working in this area and recommended resources.