Discipleship and Lifespan Education (M.A., M. Div., D. Min., Ph.D.), Family Life Education Focus

Department of Discipleship & Religious Education

The MA (Discipleship in Lifespan Education) degree prepares scholars for leadership roles and service in settings where religious, moral, and spiritual nurture and growth are primary concerns. The programs offer interdisciplinary academic degrees with considerable flexibility to meet your individual interests. Concentrations in Discipleship in Lifespan Education include:


The PhD (Discipleship & Lifespan Education) Program prepares men and women to be scholars, teachers and researchers in specialized teaching and discipling ministries of the home, the church, or Christian colleges and universities. All candidates further develop the core competencies of a religious educator and select an area of specialization for intense study and research using research methodologies of the social sciences.  Concentrations in Discipleship in Lifespan Education include:

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Family Life Education
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