Discipleship and Lifespan Education (M.A./MSW), Family Life Education Focus/Social Work Dual Degree

Department of Discipleship & Religious Education

The Dual Degree Program in Discipleship and Lifespan Education, Family Life Education Concentration and Social Work allows the student to complete two degrees in 3 years, with a tuition reduction of 33% for the MSW credits. For seminary credits, the student may apply for the Discipleship and Lifespan Education MA program tuition discount.

The MA in Discipleship and Lifespan Education is a 48-credit degree designed to prepare leaders to train other leaders to understand and facilitate, and train others in the process of discipleship, the life-long journey of learning to follow Jesus and become more like Him.


The MA in Discipleship and Lifespan Education prepares individuals to become competent in discipling leaders and training others in one or more phases of spiritual, mental, emotional, and relational development across the lifespan.


The MA in Discipleship and Lifespan Education serves the church by equipping and discipling individuals to address the developmental needs of its new and current members as well as the surrounding communities.


All students graduating from the MA in Discipleship and Lifespan Education will be competent pastor-teachers in the field of discipleship.

Students will have growing expertise as pastor-teachers in at least one of the following areas of human development: children’s ministry, youth and young adult ministry, family ministry, and ministry to the elderly, along with campus chaplaincy ministry.

Students who teach at the elementary or academy level will become competent in discipling students to a love relationship with God and in understanding the Biblical narrative.

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